Clarizen vs. Workfront


Planning, organizing, and managing a project becomes easier with a powerful project management tool. Project managers can seamlessly manage multiple projects and maintain visibility of all activities on a project with a project management solution. Now you can take control of projects with Clarizen or Workfront. But when it comes to choosing one to unleash your team’s value, let’s see which of the two the best option is.

Overview – Clarizen vs. Workfront

Clarizen: Clarizen is designed to enable project managers have a better working experience of managing teams to boost productivity, eliminate extra work, simplify things, and manage time spent on projects.  The all-in-one tool makes real-time collaboration possible, so you can stay on track and on task all the time.

Workfront: With so much to manage, work environment is often extremely challenging, but with a comprehensive software solution like Workfront (or AtTask), teams can easily manage, prioritize, and report on projects. The cloud-based project management solution helps teams focus on doing the right work in a timely manner, which is a boost in productivity.

Features – Clarizen vs. Workfront

Clarizen: Project managers seeking social collaboration find Clarizen as one of the best tools to increase productivity and profitability. With an easy-to-use interface, the project management solution enables teams to interact with each other and report on work progress.

Its SaaS-based project execution platform gives your team members a centralized environment to manage tasks, projects, and budgets. With an easy-to-use user interface, Clarizen helps in the management of emails, documents, and chat.

Clarizen enables hassle-free collaboration between teams and facilitates sharing of notes, documents, and discussions. Scheduling milestones, deliverables, and employee time is easier with the project tracking software.

Workfront: When you need a solution that works the way you do, you can rely on Workfront. An ideal solution for mid-to-large enterprises, Workfront is a flexible solution for teams across industry verticals. The application covers the entire life cycle of project management, from planning to scheduling, assigning roles, tracking work delivery, and managing tasks and removes email chains from workflow management.  Workfront can even handle one-off ad hoc requests.

The easy-to-navigate project management software can be customized to match your team’s workflows, fitting their unique preferences and needs.

Workfront enables teams to focus on work using one tool for collaboration, ensuring all conversations happen within the context of the work, so no more wasting of time sifting through voicemails, email, or IMs for communications on past projects.

Like social media tools, Workfront streamlines updates and facilitates direct communication with users, eliminating impediments to real-time communication and thus empowering employees.

Another feature that sets Workfront apart is the endorsements and likes feature that helps build camaraderie between teams. With faster collaboration, decisions are made and delivered quickly, so teams can execute their best work.

The end-to-end solution comes with the feature to customize layouts. It displays the information users need for the efficient completion of work. Reporting is a powerful feature of Workfront. Creating custom forms with the fully featured solution gives you the ability to collect information required for different tasks, projects, and issues.

Pricing – Clarizen vs. Workfront

Clarizen: Get your projects completed faster and more efficiently with Clarizen. The enterprise edition starts at $60 per user/month and unlimited edition for $80.

Workfront: It is available for role-based licenses, with Work licenses costing $30 per user/month and plan licenses $60/user/month.

Target Market – Clarizen vs. Workfront

Clarizen: The application is designed for startups, small, medium, and large businesses.

Workfront: The flexible cloud-based project management solution is designed for mid- to large-sized enterprises.

When it comes to choosing a project management solution, do not limit yourself to a system that resolves immediate product needs. Rather, you should look for one product that is flexible and scalable and grows with you. Your business is progressing, and the software you invest in should also continue to meet the growing challenges of your work.

If you are finding it challenging to choose the best project management solution between Clarizen and Workfront, let the ITQlick team help. We are software experts, with decades of experience in the software industry. We can help you find the ideal solution that can brace up your enterprise to face the growing challenges in your industry.

The right solution is one that is both affordable and intuitive and offers all the features to cater to your growing business needs. This is exactly what ITQlick team can help you with, so you may improve your productivity, manage teams efficiently, and maximize returns.