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e-learning has revolutionized the way education or training is imparted. Skill acquisition of employees is crucial for their efficient functioning. Cloud-based learning management software (LMS) is the key to properly managing online learning programs and impart corporate training. It is an effective way to improve employee skill levels. LMS automates the entire process of managing and tracking workflow, taking away all the hassle involved in the process. Whether you are looking for a program to educate students or teach certain skills to employees, a learning management system can come in handy.

Some of the key features of an LMS include:

  • Allowing trainees to gain certification in specific areas
  • Tracking the completion of educational or learning programs while ensuring learners are staying on schedule
  • Managing industry-specific compliance training
  • Organizing and simplifying learning administration, including managing and distributing content and information and overseeing enrollment
  • Holding live, remote classes and video conferences
  • Allowing organizations to train external users
  • Helping test employee/student proficiency or knowledge
  • Identifying learning gaps

An LMS comes in handy when you are looking for a solution to automate the administration, track, test, and report the online training progress.

Top Cloud LMS Software

  • Absorb LMS

If you are looking for intelligently crafted learning management technology, look no further than Absorb LMS. The cloud-based learning management software is easy to use and comes with core content administration capabilities. The flexible, scalable LMS gives users the power to schedule and automate tasks and seamlessly keep a track. The Absorb LMS user interface can be configured to reflect your company’s brand, emphasizing your training and communications priorities. Learners have the choice to train as per their schedule and take advantage of the training.

  • ProProfs Cloud LMS is an intuitive learning management system designed for enterprise training and eLearning. Packed with multiple features and settings, the software makes training a delightful experience for all stakeholders – admins, instructors, and learners. It is simple, easy to use, and can help streamline online training and education. You can even upload images, videos, and presentations along with the course content. The software supports both pre and post-training activities. You can create engaging online courses, manage learners in online classrooms, track learning progress, and get insightful reports and analytics.  The platform serves as a one-stop solution for online employee training and student education, and facilitates anytime, anywhere learning. It integrates easily with other robust tools such as Mailchimp and SugarCRM.
  • Latitude Learning

The web-based learning management solution is easy to customize, depending on your specific training requirements. Whether you want to design your own interface or want a built-in HTML editor to design unlimited custom Web pages, Latitude Learning is exactly the type of LMS you are looking for. The solution tracks staff learning and is just perfect for those looking for a user-friendly interface to handle all of their training needs.

Courses can be conducted online. The software program enables users to add and edit courses and catalogs and share the same across different course catalogs. Latitude Learning comes with such capabilities as e-learning, assessment authoring, competency management, organization content management, and subscription management.

  • Cornerstone

With Cornerstone, you have a cloud-based LMS that is easy to use and customizable. If you seek a product that can help you build a culture of learning and development, get your hands on Cornerstone. The learning and talent management system features career tracking, collaboration management, student portal and tracking, virtual classroom, blended learning, and multimedia support. It also comes with capabilities, such as report generation, productivity management, data management, legacy system integration, scheduling, reporting, and resource management.

Develop leaders of tomorrow with Cornerstone’s LMS, which enables organizations to build employee skills to accelerate their performance, deliver employee compliance training, and foster social learning, with an aim to support company goals. The learning management software gives you the platform to create relevant, social learning programs, which are easy to access anywhere anytime, helping employers build a learning culture that encourages trainees or learners to invest in their skill development.

  • Trellis

The LMS is designed with options to design, implement, and generate learning content and structure courses, helping meet the training and learning needs of organizations. The prime goal of the solution is to help businesses train employees with skills that help improve their productivity. Trellis is easy to align with your training and business objectives.

It is designed with a Tin Can API that enables you to go beyond traditional training. This means users can consider multiple learning routes, including experiential learning and collaborative learning.  The software comes complete with integration with “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” so online learning content and system can seamlessly connect and deliver the necessary information through the online courses.

  • Talent LMS

The cloud-based learning platform is easy to use, powerful, and configurable, allowing users to effortlessly create courses. The software can be used for training purposes for students, employees, and customers. With TalentLMS, it is possible to reuse the training material in existence, thus saving you both time and money. This is the right platform for organizations in constant need of training their employees from different categories. Users get access to reports on the trainees. You can generate performance reports with the web-based LMS.

Looking for a cloud-based learning management software solution that can make learning and training a breeze? Well, there is a gamut of such solutions on the market. Wading through all these software tools to find the best fit for your company is a tough task. Worry not! At ITQlick, we can do this for you, making the right software recommendations that can help you improve, grow, and succeed.