BambooHR Vs. Namely

BambooHR vs Namely: Which is the #1 HR Software?

Human resources and administrative tasks consume a lot of time. As your business evolves, it gets tougher to complete administrative tasks, including processing payroll, onboarding employees, and managing health and retirement plans.

Thus your business needs a powerful HR solution to streamline your data and other time-intensive tasks, cut back on paperwork, ditch spreadsheets, and automate administrative tasks, saving you both time and money.

BambooHR and Namely are designed as human capital management platforms to enable better management of payroll, HR, onboarding, and benefits. However, the two solutions offer different features to track HR activities and manage staff, so you can become better organized.

BambooHR vs Namely: What Are the Differences

Overview – BambooHR Vs. Namely

BambooHR is a web-based HR solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, Namely is an all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits solution for midsize businesses.

BambooHR is designed to track benefits, training, and time-off requests. The HR solution safely stores employee data, company forms, documents, and applications in an online directory.

Contrarily, Namely handles benefits, payroll, and employee management, encouraging employees to use it daily. With all HR management functions saved in a single directory, it is a great time and money saver.

Integration – BambooHR Vs. Namely

Namely offers email integration while BambooHR does not offer integration with email. However, the latter integrates with the payroll system. Besides, Namely has an open Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated with your learning management apps.

Price – BambooHR Vs. Namely

The number of employees determines the cost of BambooHR. There is a free version for seven days. The service starts at $7 per employee on a monthly basis, with the monthly cost around $99.

However, it may cost you even less than $7/employee depending on the size of the company. The BambooHR payroll solution starts at $25/month, in addition to $4 per employee.

Namely, on the other hand, is costlier than BambooHR, costing between $15 and $30/month/employee. However, users need to pay a one-time installation fee of $50-$80/employee while the monthly pricing per employee depends on the services and features used by a business.

Features – BambooHR Vs. Namely

BambooHR is not the right solution for you if you are a small business that has evolved and expanded to a medium-sized business, as your needs will grow and change from that of a small business. The solution may not serve your mid-size business needs, as you may require a system with a full-service payroll.

Namely, on the other hand, is designed for growing companies with its modern employee database, company calendar, and time and attendance tracking features. The best thing about the solution is its full-service payroll, so users can seamlessly process payroll and run reports.

It also features a social news feed that keeps your business connected to important updates. With Namely, your growing business can leverage intuitive core HR features, talent management, benefits administration, and paperless onboarding.

It is a better solution for employee management with performance reviews and reporting. It gets an edge over BambooHR for its ability to create custom surveys.  On the other hand, performance and talent management is a key feature of BambooHR.

Namely gets an edge for its task management feature. BambooHR is loved for its time and attendance management, workflow management, and training management, while Namely features workforce management.

Talent Management is one feature that all HR solutions offer. However, what sets Namely apart from the competition is that it enables users to tag employees.  By tagging, it means adding a skill to employee records and tracking their development as they improve their skills.  With this feature, you can use these tags to categorize teams for different projects based on the required skills.

What is Common? BambooHR Vs. Namely

The two platforms, viz. BambooHR vs Namely, are one of the strongest HR players available. Both HR solutions are intuitive and easy to use and designed for improving your human resource department. These apps help you centralize data, making it easy for users to handle HRIS.

If you’re struggling to choose between the two, you may wish to go with either based on the features they offer. It’s more about defining your requirements and picking a solution that caters to your business needs.

When you are looking for a tool with better integration capabilities, you may want to choose Namely that seamlessly integrates with third-party apps. If you are still wondering whether to choose BambooHR vs Namely, let our team of professionals guide you.

We have a huge knowledge database and experience to steer you through the selection process.

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