Compare Halogen Talent Space Software Vs PeopleMatter – An LMS Showdown

A Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help businesses manage online learning programs more effectively. The software comes with analytics, reporting, tracking, and documentation capabilities. Whether you are an educational institution or corporate professional, the LMS can prove to be an effective tool in training employees or students.

Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

Overview – Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter is a web-based talent management solution designed for service industry companies that find it hard to manage a large workforce across multiple locations. PeopleMatter Learn comes with a user-friendly interface that provides users with a platform to train & grow a skilled team, helping people and operations thrive and supporting optimal employee performance.

Halogen Talent Space is also a web-based suite of talent management applications that facilitates the task of recruiting, managing, and assessing employee performance. The cloud-based product is made up of different modules that work together seamlessly, offering consistent experience across modules.

Of these modules, Halogen Learning is an integrated learning & performance management module part that helps companies train employees and thus build and maintain an outstanding workforce.

Features – Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter is designed for large businesses that often struggle to manage a big workforce. Halogen Learning is better suited for all kinds of companies, including small, mid-sized, and large.

PeopleMatter LEARN™ allows companies or educational institutions to design training courses for employees or students, upload & assign content, track progress, and access an unlimited number of industry-specific training courses.

Easy to use and integrate with existing systems, the software makes it easy for users to filter applications. The LEARN modules allow users to keep in touch with everyone across the organization from one platform, thus saving time on face-to-face interactions.

On the other hand, Halogen Learning allows businesses to create a catalog of training courses, schedule, manage and track learning activities across the organization. This LMS comes with auto-enrollment and auto-withdrawal functionality that helps users seamlessly administer registrations and withdrawals.

With a central training management interface, Halogen Learning makes it easy for users to make bulk enrolments, cancellations, and instructor assignments and access waiting lists.

Benefits – Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

One of the best LMS products on the market, Halogen Learning takes learning management to the next level and makes learning administration seamless across the organization. With this application that comes with real-time tracking & reporting capabilities, users are able to identify the right learning activity and create relevant development programs for specific groups.

Competency mapping, training impact identification, talent tracking, and skill gap closing are some of the benefits of using this user-friendly application. Additionally, the highly configurable software makes it easier to manage the complete suite of learning and development applications from a single web-based system. With Halogen Learning, managers and employees can easily access learning catalogs.

With PeopleMatter Learn, users can access simple uploader tools that facilitate their task of offering training to employees through video-based courses. The powerful learning management software features interactive learning tools that boost engagement and make employee training more effective.

With better trained employees, companies are able to drive customer satisfaction. Real-time tracking & reporting capabilities ensure companywide visibility, so users can see how everyone is doing and analyze effectiveness of training throughout the organization.

Halogen Talent Space may be the right choice compared to PeopleMatter, as the former provides 24/7 customer support, including live chat that focuses on quick issue resolution.

Price – Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter pricing plans are based upon locations, rather than employee numbers.

On the other hand, a minimum of 100 Halogen Talent Space licenses is priced at about $3,300 annually. Halogen Talent Space may be a costly alternative for small businesses, as they also charge setup fees, besides licensing fee. PeopleMatter may be the right choice, since the pricing plans do not take into consideration the number of employees.

Which is better? Halogen Talent Space vs. PeopleMatter

If constant technical support from the vendor tops your priority list, Halogen Talent Space may be the right choice compared to PeopleMatter, as the former provides 24/7 customer support, including live chat that focuses on quick issue resolution.

However, users do get access to a support portal with People Support’s customer support module, with solutions to commonly asked questions, phone and email support.

While PeopleMatter comes with a user-friendly interface, the Halogen dashboard is a little more complicated. It may take users time to learn and unearth all of Halogen features.

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