Compare Knowledge Management Software


Are your service representatives spending maximum time looking for answers instead of dealing with customer enquiries? Are you worried that your data resources are not working optimally and your service reps are not able to focus on ensuring good customer experience? Worry not, Knowledge Management software solutions are designed for you. Empower agents with information needed to tame the flood of data and make it work for you while ensuring efficiency in business operations and customer service with the knowledge management tool.

1. Salesforce

Bring intelligence at your agent’s fingertips by investing in a robust application like Salesforce. The intuitive platform comes complete with a broad set of apps that makes relevant information easily accessible to agents. Easy to use, Salesforce features powerful reporting capabilities that equip you with business intelligence required for your pipeline. It is easy to upload data into the system, which makes it central to your company’s productivity, helping you streamline workflow.

Cons: The system logs you out if it stays idle for an hour, which can be a pain for users. But since this is for security reasons, it should not hurt users much.

2. FreshDesk

A software-as-a-service solution, FreshDesk features an inbuilt knowledge base, making it easier for support teams to create and share knowledge-based articles, instructions, solutions, and guides. The centralized, user-friendly interface makes it easier for agents to address and resolve customer trouble tickets. It easily manages multiple workflows, groups and supports multiple products & brands, and effortlessly deal with escalation procedures. Scenario automation ensures that regular routine tasks are completed with just one click. The easy-to-integrate knowledge base software integrates all of your communication channels into one stream of tickets, helping customers see status of their tickets anytime anywhere.

Cons: If you deal with multiple communication channels, it may be hard for customers to search the appropriate message.

3. Zendesk

The beautifully simple knowledge base solution, Zendesk Help Center is easy to customize and tailored to your customers. With the ease of managing, the software allows you to ensure a customized support experience to keep customers happy. The Zendesk knowledge base application is designed to keep customers updated with the latest trend, announcements, product updates, news, and release information, so they can find the right product or information at the right place and right time. The intuitive interface saves your customer support team time while supplying the required information to customers.

Cons:  The application can be tricky to customize to make it replicate your brand.

4. SmartSupport

The one-stop Saas solution, SmartSupport is a cutting-edge application that comes with powerful knowledge management features and fast and intelligent search algorithms. The intuitive knowledge management software facilitates the process of article creation, including troubleshooting guides, custom forms, and alerts. Easy to customize with an array of beautiful features, SmartSupport enables you to create as many portals as required by your business processes, making it easier to replicate the look and feel of your brand. Create a knowledge sharing community with community forums and optimize your knowledge base through automated A/B testing. The unified platform also allows you to analyze user behavior and track performance of knowledge base to maximize ROI.

Cons: SmartSupport may get slow when repairs or updates are running in the background, which makes things slow down at the user’s end. The user may need to come back again to complete the unfinished task.

5. Universal Knowledge

Give your agents one platform to share, store, find, and collaborate data and information required to get work done efficiently. Universal Knowledge software is designed as a knowledge management solution to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost. The intuitive application comes complete with a suite of applications and help desk, customer service, call center, self-service capabilities. Easy to integrate with present knowledge sources, Universal Knowledge ensures that you don’t need to duplicate or shift information. Designed with the natural language search feature, the knowledge management solution enables users to ask questions directly, without having to use keywords.

Cons: The application may be a little complex to use initially. Continued use and practice helps you master the smart knowledge management tool.

If you are still unsure which software to invest in to improve business operational efficiency and customer service, come in touch with ITQlick. You will learn about a range of highly intuitive knowledge management solutions that can be easily customized to duplicate your brand.