Compare Pest Control Software


When looking for pest control software, it is important to ensure that you understand the exact requirements of your business with regard to technology. As a pest management company, you need a solution that can assist with general business tasks. The best software offers a unified system, where in processes can be automated and operations easily tracked. Some software solutions also allow users to track pesticide usage.

1. Mhelpdesk

Intuitive and easy to use, Mhelpdesk is a mobile-friendly application designed to ease scheduling and dispatching and managing pest control teams. With Mhelpdesk, enjoy the freedom and flexibility to manage your business in real time.

The efficient and effective system gives you complete visibility on who is working where and what is getting done, so that nothing sneaks into the cracks. The automated application helps you spend less time on organizing things and more time on perfecting your core competencies, managing everything from a centralized system.

Cons: The addition of customizable forms will help make the system even more efficient.

2. Wintac

Wintac software is designed to enable field service companies with the tools they need to seamlessly and efficiently manage their business operations. With clarity and ease of use, the pest control field software efficiently manages key essentials, thanks to its scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and work order management capabilities.

The true-all-in-one solution turns the work order into an invoice, so your team can collect payments in the field itself. Its color-coded dispatch board is designed for drop and drag function, helping dispatchers monitor the schedule and re-assign tasks as per requirement.

Cons: It’s a long learning curve with Wintac; however, it does make business operations efficient once you have got used to all its functionalities.

3. FieldOne

The innovative, scalable pest control field software, FieldOne features powerful functionalities to streamline business operations. Whether it is automated routing or real-time mobility and end-to-end workflow management, FieldOne is designed to address your strategic business objectives, with its fast deployment, extensive integration and training capabilities, and flexibility to adapt to workflow.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics platform, FieldOne integrates with a range of third party plug and play extensions, with its integrated automated routing engine and centralized mobility management platform. The cloud-based and mobile application will revolutionize your business processes while saving you thousands.

Cons: Too much flexibility and functionalities make the system difficult to understand or set up. However, upfront training can make things easier so that you can make the most of the system designed to streamline business processes.

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4. PestPac

The unique, web-based system is full of features and designed to offer a convenient solution to track and manage job scheduling, track field activity, and manage sales processes. The comprehensive suite comes with inventory management, contract management, scheduling, billing & invoicing capabilities.

Its powerful analytic tools enable you to track appointments, optimize route plans, enhance customer service, and increase lead flow. The scalable pest control software is compatible with any mobile device and grows and adapts to your increasing business needs. Loaded with features, PestPac is your one-stop shop for managing your business operations.

Cons: There is a lot to learn, since the application is full of features and requires sufficient time on your part to master its functionalities to maximize your investment.

5. FieldAware

The full-featured pest control field management software is designed to offer an end-to-end solution. With FieldAware, you can efficiently manage scheduling, service requests, invoicing, dispatching, reporting, customer relationships. The software-as-a-service solution can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, allowing you to streamline the entire process while simplifying and optimizing activities of each member of your team, monitoring on-field staff productivity while sitting within the confines of your office and helping boost productivity and enhance customer experience. The application allows dispatchers and schedulers to view job status in real time and access job assignments using their mobile devices.

Cons: The layout format could be improved to enable better customization of invoices, jobs, and quotes. This will make it easier to determine the standard text on every form.

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