What is Construction Estimating Software

In simple words, construction estimating software is a group of different processes, programs, and data required for the calculation of the overall cost of a construction project. With the help of an estimating software program, it is possible to automate formulations that were otherwise processed through manual spreadsheets and calculators. The solution is designed to help contractors, subcontractors, and construction businesses manage the entire construction process, including planning, processing, and execution.


  • Project management
  • Bid management
  • Scheduling
  • Takeoff technology
  • Field service management
  • Cost accounting

Estimating software enables a contractor to compete with other bids while accurately representing the true cost of a project, with a focus on improving productivity and making the bidding process easier.

Designed with estimating sheets, cost database, and takeoff capabilities, the software is used in various sectors of the construction industry in different versions designed for specialty construction fields in industrial, commercial, concrete, masonry, and residential construction.

Features of a Typical Estimating Program:

  • Labor & materials– Determine the need for labor, materials, and equipment for projects
  • What-if analysis- Consider what-if scenarios as a form of negotiations
  • Proposal generator– Estimate the value of jobs considering different variables, including workforce, conditions, and skills.
  • Historical database– Store previous projects with cost estimates of labor and materials in a database.
  • Project reporting– Generate reports on cost breakdown with the help of charts and graphs, thus helping estimators come up with a better analysis of cost
  • Automation– Automate audit trails to avoid delayed claims and resolve disputes

Also known as the construction bidding program, estimating software helps estimators seamlessly and accurately calculate material and labor costs. Additionally, estimators can leverage the estimates to design detailed, professional proposals.

Estimating solutions has become even more popular, thanks to the growing competition for projects and the proliferation of fixed-bid projects.

Not all construction estimating software is designed in the same way. Many contractors require specialized solutions to manage trade-specific requirements. It is crucial to involve end users or specialty contractors when it comes to selecting an estimating program. Contractors should evaluate specific products designed to cater to their unique needs, so they can benefit from the investment.

Differences between Estimating and Takeoff

What is it that separates estimating software from takeoff? Since the two solutions are deployed in conjunction, many buyers confuse both solutions with the same thing. No doubt, both programs are crucial to developing accurate bids, but they do perform distinct functions.

While estimating software is used to determine the cost of estimated materials and labor, Takeoff solutions measure plans and blueprints required for estimating the required amount of labor & materials for a specific project.

Estimating system is the best choice for you if you have trouble creating bid proposals in a professional format. Choose takeoff software if you have been wasting time measuring plans and blueprints.

With a construction estimating software program, you can estimate with confidence, produce detailed estimates quicker than manual methods, reduce data entry work, enjoy seamless workflow, and efficiently determine the cost of equipment, labor, and materials using pre-built and customizable databases.

Estimating Software

ProEst Estimating

ProEst Estimating software is designed with capabilities to help you quickly create competitive bids. This is a one-stop-shop solution that comes with digital takeoffs, cost estimating, and bid analyzing tools.


 Designed to cater to the needs of home builders, BuildLinks provides real-time access to critical data. Users can make accurate and quick decisions and eliminate unnecessary costs and expenditures. The software utilizes a collaboration platform where onsite teams, construction managers, and project owners can connect and collaborate for efficient project management.

B2W Estimate

Intuitive and easy-to-use, B2W Estimate is designed with feature-rich functionalities to handle the entire estimating and bidding process. The application supervises every aspect of construction projects and is primarily deployed in the retail, energy, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. The project management module comes complete with scheduling, bidding, equipment management, and cost & contract management capabilities.

PlanSwift Construction

The construction estimating takeoff software is designed to help contractors calculate different aspects of business, which may include labor, concrete, insulation, and pain, among others. The calculations span different aspects of construction and are performed in a jiffy with a promise of accuracy. PlanSwift Construction is easy-to-use software that saves you time otherwise spent on manual calculations.


Featuring bid management, document management, project scheduling, budgeting, change orders, and daily logs capabilities, BuilderTrend is a perfect solution for all types of construction companies. The order change module enables users to manage all project-related documents with unlimited data storage.  The construction software pricing solution can be accessed anywhere anytime and easily integrates with accounting software.

Looking for a construction estimating software program that combines various aspects of your construction business and seamlessly provides accurate cost estimates? At ITQlick, we can match you with the best software vendors that offer products that fit your exact needs.

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