CRM in 2020: How Will It Look Like?


Today, a comprehensive software solution with an intuitive interface that manages content, integrates with email, and tracks sales activities is a highly valuable investment. These features make customer relationship management (CRM) all the more important, which can bring about innovation for business apps. But will CRM remain the same after five years? Where do you see CRM in 2020? Will it change? The need to ensure an optimal customer experience will not fade away with time. Thus CRM systems are expected to mature further to meet the ever-growing customer needs.

The CRM vendors are expected to embrace technology to improve customer experience, creating something truly customer-focused.

Here are some predictions for the CRM of 2020:


Hologram technology is already making waves, though it hasn’t invaded the CRM scene fully. Mobile apps are crucial for CRM systems. By 2020, CRM mobile apps could leverage the hologram technology, taking the mobile concept a stage further with augmented reality, so you could see a visualization of the entire sales pipeline along with its status, right from your smart phones.

Additionally, it could offer a perfect substitute to the projector during meetings. With hologram-equipped phones, you can see a 360-degree view of a projection without the need for special glasses or any fancy add-ons. Additionally, augmented reality could go a step further, with apps showcasing what a product looks like before a customer decided to make a purchase.

One such app is already present in the market. Known as Augment, it is touted to be the augmented reality app that drives sales. The application provides 3D simulations of your product for potential customers.

Big Data

How will huge data influence or enrich CRM in 2020? Big data could be used to get insight into previous interactions and predict future needs of customers. The CRM of 2020 could be further deployed to capture what customers need, when they need, and the best way to deliver the same to them, without the need for drastic human intervention.

Imagine a customer buying a pair of shoes from your company and a health application, which keeps a close track of every single step. The app can notify them for the need of a new pair as soon as they clock close to the highest mileage, without any human intervention.

The company can leverage the data to make more informed decisions.

Virtual Assistants

Come 2020, and your assistant would no longer need to scour through piles of data.  Surfing customer data will be a snap with virtual assistant. The capabilities of the CRM of 2020 might just spring a sweet surprise on you, becoming a better virtual assistant with the integration of new apps designed to recognize what customers are asking for in terms of tone and context.

Keep track of sales opportunities and customer expectations with the new CRM, which could lead the way in innovation for business apps, benefiting both business and customers.


With technology invading every aspect of life, many businesses are trying to find novel ways to integrate technology into their everyday business processes. The Internet of Things and Wearables is just one example.  The integration of wearable computing devices with CRM can provide real-time access for companies to account data. Businesses can leverage this data for better customer engagement and opportunity identification for cross-selling and up-selling.

CRM vendors in 2020 will collaborate with wearable device vendors to explore different ways to optimize sales, such as lead generation. This will enable users to buy online from their smartphones.

Bottom Line

While most CRM systems are equipped with a mobile application, a few others still lag in terms of design and usability, which makes them less user friendly. The CRM of 2020 would be scalable solutions to embrace the future, being able to integrate cloud-based apps and add-ons to provide a more rewarding customer experience.

The sources of data entering CRM systems are getting complicated, but it does not mean CRM solutions need to be complex as well, not at least for end users. Rather, CRM of the future will become easier and more user friendly.

With better user experience across platforms, customers and brands are likely to come closer. Instant feedback from the Internet of Things technology can provide greater insight to businesses to learn about user experience and improve upon their products.

The CRM in 2020 will play a key role in making the customer experience better by improving customer interactions, workflow automation, and customer data management. If you are still wondering how the CRM of 2020 look like, do get in touch with us today. At ITQlick, we have a team of highly qualified IT professionals that know it all about CRM and other software applications and can guide you through the entire process.