CRM Solutions for Online Business


In simple words, customer relationship management or CRM is designed to optimize business interactions throughout the lifecycle of customers. With the right CRM solution, you can dramatically boost business by keeping and efficiently organizing information in a centralized location and improving team’s collaboration, relationships, and productivity. Automate common processes with CRM and track performance and productivity like never before.

Marketing Automation Tools

If you’re running a small business, you may be interested in the idea of automating your sales to shorten your sales cycle and improve lead qualification.

  • Infusionsoft: Built for small business, the sales and marketing software saves you time chasing dead ends by automating repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time building better connections with leads. The cloud-based solution is designed to help you keep track of all engagements and centralize customer interactions. Capture more leads and improve conversion rates with email marketing capabilities that will automate follow-ups.
  • ActOn: The web-based integrated marketing automation platform is designed for small and medium enterprises to capture leads and build loyalty and lasting relationships through different marketing automation, lead management, and CRM integration capabilities. With an intuitive interface, Act-on is another name for marketing automation made easy. The CRM solution will bring you more leads and maximize sales, besides reducing chances of human error, automating repetitive tasks, and optimizing efforts in nurturing leads.

Lead Management Tools

You can drive more sales when your leads are organized effectively. Your leads come from a variety of sources, including email lists, business cards, and contact us form on website. Lead management is the process to capture, acquire, manage, organize, nurture leads and assign them to the right sales teams for a quick follow up, so you can qualify them quickly and drive sales with them.

Lead conversion into sales depends on efficient engagement and nurturing. You can improve your sales pipeline by developing lead management strategies with a focus on lead nurturing, scoring and automation.

  • Marketo: Sales and marketing must go hand in hand to convert leads into sales. Market is one CRM software that is designed to help your sales representatives distinguish between leads and sales-ready leads using the following criteria, including demographics, lead source, and behavioral information. When your sales-ready lead is defined, your sales team will nurture lead pool to generate sales-ready leads, moving prospects through the sales funnel. The automated lead management tool helps track your likes and dislikes to organize the communication strategy for lead management, ensuring that sales teams focus on leads that matter. Managing thousands of leads is a challenging task. But Marketo’s automation capabilities enable lead processing at lightning speed, introducing best practices, ensuring quick identification of sales-ready opportunities, weeding out weak opportunities, and maximizing engagement for optimum conversions.
  • LeadMaster CRM: The cloud-based customer relation management tool, LeadMaster CRM is a complete sales and marketing solutions suite, with marketing automation, call center management, sales force automation, and lead management capabilities. Easy to integrate, the intuitive CRM system facilitates real time lead capture, reporting, tracking, nurturing, and distribution.

Ecommerce Solutions

Your customers are your most precious entity in the ecommerce world. The ecommerce CRM dashboard provides you with an interactive platform to show related products, request customer feedback, track interactions, send newsletters, automate marketing, or announce special offers.

  • Salesforce: Especially designed for ecommerce, Salesforce is a web-based CRM solution that enables you to streamline day-to-day operations, facilitate efficient organization of tasks, while helping customers track queries. The CRM software comes complete with service cloud, marketing cloud, and sales cloud capabilities, so you can effectively market your products or services, follow up leads, and track & monitor sales by sending out real-time notifications. Salesforce CRM offers a web-based solution with a free trial.
  • Netsuite CRM: With SuiteCommerce, you can offer customers optimized online shopping experience from any digital touchpoint. The easy-to-use and customize CRM solution is designed to meet unique business requirements and boost customer interaction & engagement. The product comes with marketing automation and sales forecasting capabilities, making it easier to connect shoppers to your unique products. Show inventory data in real-time on your ecommerce platform, including the number of products and price listing, to improve performance and efficiency. With sales force automation, you can focus on improving relationship with customers.

Still looking for the best CRM tools for your small or medium sized business? Well, the options are galore. All you need to do is explore them. At ITQlick, we are IT experts and can make software recommendations for your unique business needs. Come in touch with our experts and we will guide you through the software selection process, making it easier to choose CRM solutions that work for your business.