Domo 2018 Top Alternatives


Domo 2018 Top Alternatives

The open, self-service platform designed by Domo is a valuable investment for your business. The business intelligence software is the ultimate solution required by your organization to connect people with the data required to find answers to critical questions.

The Business Cloud helps make quick, better informed decisions, bringing together people, data, and insights required to improve efficiency and performance. It is a good idea to test the solution before going ahead with the purchase, as many competitors offer similar free trials. You may pick any one of the Domo alternatives that is a good match for your business and adds value to your investment.

Domo Alternatives


The business analytics software is a top Domo alternative used for business intelligence. Information collection and analysis are the top functions of the software. With a user-friendly interface, Sisense is a highly efficient application for report production and information organization and producing reports. Using the tool is as simple as dragging and dropping your data for automatic conversion into real-time analytics, graphs, and reports.

The user-friendly platform is perfect for medium and large businesses and freelancers. It makes collaboration easier for teams that can effortlessly share key information with each other.


The business intelligence solution is designed with a range of useful tools to serve your business needs. With Qlikview, you can closely monitor your business. It is a highly customizable application designed with ad-hoc reporting features to help an organization in the collection and analysis of data and facilitate decision making.

It supports different platforms, which means users can access the system on the go – anywhere, any time. Qlikview facilitates in-house correspondence along with multi-location communication. This means company heads can access the same data and can communicate with each other without hassle. The application is designed to focus on speed.


The web-based business analytics tool is designed with an array of features to facilitate decision making. This includes advanced tools for interactive analysis, data visualization, and information sharing. Birst has self-service portals that enable data querying. Users can integrate the enterprise data with their information for reviewing individual analytic views.

Panorama Necto

The new generation of Business Intelligence solutions, Panorama Necto is designed to help organizations streamline operations and build intelligence by leveraging the power of social knowledge and integrating the same with business analytics. You can depend on the software to maximize impact and improve performance by the use of automated intelligence, irrespective of industry type.

Dundas BI

The all-in-one fully embedded business intelligence and analytics platform helps users collect, analyze, and visualize data. Dundas BI is designed with a powerful dashboard and user-friendly interface that makes reporting easier for users. It enables users quick and easy access to their data, which facilitates their decision making process.

SAP Business Objects BI

The business intelligence solution offers users immediate access to your data that you have shared in the platform. It helps identify the recent data that affects your business or real-time critical data, helping organizations make sound business decisions. With SAP Business Objects, you can create, save, and share reports with other users. It is even possible for users to specify access to certain reports. The tool enables you to customize dashboards. You can access reports saved on the platform any time anywhere.


The Calumo Business Intelligence solution is designed to facilitate decision making through its analytic tools that help users with budgeting, strategic planning, and forecasting.  Leverage their configurable dashboards that are built with self service portals for users to enable data discovery & modeling.

Pentaho business analytics

The business intelligence application comes with an array of tools for users to discover and integrate data. The business analytics software gives you immediate access to business intelligence so that you can immediately visualize data and make information-driven decisions.  Some of the key features of Pentaho business analytics include self-service reports, data integration, visual analysis, and predictive analytics. It is possible for business users to access, analyze, and visualize any form of data using the interactive visual analysis feature.

When looking for a business intelligence solution, you should be interested to get your hands on a product that caters to your specific business needs, is affordable, is scalable, and can facilitate decision making. If you are wondering whether to choose Domo or any of the top Domo alternatives, get in touch with software experts at ITQlick.

We have been researching a range of software solutions, learning about them, and enhancing and updating our knowledge. This helps us pick the right business intelligence software for clients. Allow us to facilitate your decision making by giving you the top software recommendations that can efficiently meet your needs.