Domo Vs. Sisense – Best BI for SMBs

When looking for the best business intelligence tool for small businesses, you might want to choose between Domo and Sisense. While both products claim to be leaders in BI, you might be wondering which one would make a better choice for your business. Let us do a head-to-head comparison between both products to see which is better – Domo Vs. Sisense.

Domo Vs. Sisense

Overview – Domo Vs. Sisense

Sisense provides non-technical users with unique end-user tools to effortlessly perform tasks, without technical support. Its user-friendly interface with interactive browser-based dashboards makes it easier for users to explore and use the BI and manage high-volume data, without any programming skills. It is the best solution for a small business.

On the other hand, Domo is best suited for large and medium-sized enterprises. The fully web-based business management suite is a little complicated for new users to understand. You may need technical help to get started with Domo. However, when you are familiar with the dashboard, it will be a breeze to use.

Better Features?

One of the key features of Sisense is data mashups, while data visualization is the leading feature for Domo.  Sisense boasts eye-grabbing visualization options. Interactive visualization tools are Domo’s key selling points that also boast customized dashboards. Users can enjoy instant access to data across the company.

Sisense removes limitations to data size imposed by in-memory databases. This enables users to access interactive terabyte-scale analytics without waiting for hours.

With Domo, users can enjoy micro- and macro-level data visibility and analysis in real time. As a Domo user, you can enjoy updated dashboards with data spanning multiple areas and different performance metrics.

Sisense’s drag-and-drop interface makes it stand out from the competition, including Domo. It also boasts a range of widgets, including graphs and charts, which you cannot find in Domo.

Integration/Compatibility – Domo Vs. Sisense

Sisense is compatible with HTML5-supported browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, and Safari version 7. It works in smartphones and tablet browsers compatible with HTML5.

Sisense offers APIs and developer tools for effortless user interaction on the platform. This helps users easily manage, enhance, and customize the functionality of the platform.

Domo easily integrates with multiple sources of data, from databases to spreadsheets, social media or any on-premise or cloud-based solution. It integrates with more APIs compared to any other BI, including Sisense.

With Domo connectors, it is a breeze to connect to a range of web apps. Even non-technical users can connect to third-party apps without knowing the code. There are hundreds of connector integrations in Domo for users to discover, filter, and combine data. It literally transforms the way you can manage the business with direct data access.

Data Scheduling – Domo Vs. Sisense

Sisense enables users to schedule future builds with ElastiCube to synchronize with an underlying data source. Users have two options when scheduling a build. You can do it by time or at intervals. It is easily configurable to automate an ElastiCube for every day at the same time.

With the Business Cloud Platform, Domo allows users to schedule data for upload for a later date or time. This also enables you to get real-time insights into your data according to your preference.

With Domo, users can remain connected anywhere on the go, while Sisense can be easily set up and used in-house.

Pricing comparison: Domo Vs. Sisense

Sisense provides a flexible annual pricing plan for users. Offered on a by-quote basis, the Sisense pricing plan is scalable. However, rates are only available upon request. Interested users can request a quote adjusted to specific needs and sign up for a free trial. There is a free trial plan to test out Sisense’s capabilities.

With Domo, there are 4 pricing plans, including the free trial for up to 5 users. Standard, professional, and enterprise are other plans available for interested users to choose from, depending on business size and needs.

Domo Vs. Sisense Similarities

Domo provides all information in one place, making it easier for users to get real insights into data and make quick informed decisions. With Sisense, users can analyze and visualize the data with the tool’s interactive, cloud-based dashboards.

Sisense provides a complete analytics tool for businesses, making it easier for users to perform tasks to access, analyze, or visualize data.

If you are unsure which of the business intelligence tools is the best fit for your organization, let ITQlick software experts guide you. Our team of IT professionals has years of experience and knowledge and a vast database to guide your selection of a BI. Let us help you pick the right tool from Domo vs Sisense.

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