DrChrono EHR Vs. AdvancedMD


Best EMR: DrChrono EHR Vs. AdvancedMD – If you are wondering which medical practice management software is a better choice for your business, then you would do well to read further.

With numerous products on the market, you might feel overwhelmed to choose one that helps boost overall business productivity.

While all products claim to be the best than the rest, it is a good idea to explore the solutions and compare them with your business needs to see which one would work the best for you. So let’s compare DrChrono EHR vs AdvancedMD to determine the better choice for your business.

DrChrono EHR Vs. AdvancedMD

Patient management tools are designed to coordinate a patient’s care beyond the walls of the clinical setting by capturing patient-generated health data from outside of the healthcare facility and bringing it into the patient medical history pool.

Overview – DrChrono Vs. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD: The web-based electronic health record solution is designed to make data transfer and workflow automation easier.

The solution goes beyond medical billing and includes powerful scheduling features, and useful integrations. The paid custom reports feature makes things easier for your staff when it comes to collecting payments, patient data, checking insurance eligibility.

The EMR solution is a perfect choice for medical businesses of all sizes and can be easily scaled to meet the needs of your business. Some of the key features of AdvancedMD include accounting, user communication, and customization.

It’ simple to make appointments with the EMR, as patients can use the intuitive interface to request an appointment. Color coding feature enables users to differentiate between patients, making it easier for doctors to know which patients have come to see them.

Not only this, the medical practice management software sends out timely reminders to patients to ensure there are no missed appointments. Since everything can be done electronically, the EHR is the ultimate solution to go paperless.

DrChrono EHR:  The cloud-based practice management solution for is perfect for small and medium businesses.

DrChrono EHR comes with an array of capabilities that make it a popular choice for medical facilities, including scheduling appointments, maintain patient records, electronic prescribing, manage calendars, patient check-in, and practice management.

The integrated platform is easy to use. The complete medical software suite comes with tools that make it perfect for managing medical billing, electronic health records, and personal health records management. Checking in patients is a breeze with DrChrono on an iPad.

Patient appointments are quick. It is simple to set up appointment reminders for patients. The reminders may be sent by phone, text, or email.

The intuitive patient portal gives patients direct access to doctors, as they can leverage the messaging feature to get in touch with the medical practitioner and check their health records. It is possible to get customized templates created for your specific business needs.

The scalable medical practice management software works for businesses of all sizes.

Integrations – DrChrono Vs. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD:  The practice management solution can be integrated with more than 50 third party apps to make various tasks easier, including documentation, data management, and coding. With these integrations, users can maintain full healthcare interoperability.

DrChrono EHR: The EHR comes with capabilities that make it easier for users to connect all favorite apps to fit your organization’s needs.

With DrChrono, you can quickly find the right codes, seamlessly meet HIPAA regulations, and effortlessly offer in-house training.  It comes with integrated electronic health records, which means users do not need to find a third party for the service.

Compare Features: AdvancedMD Vs. DrChrono

AdvancedMD: Some of the top features that give AdvancedMD an edge over the competition include iOS Mobile Apps, e-prescriptions, patient portal, e-faxing, clinical charting, e-medicine, immunization reporting, physician dashboard, HIPAA compliance, e-prescribing, and customizable reports and templates.

DrChrono EHR:  Some of the key features of the practice management solution include billing profiles, chart tools, integrated billing, billing profiles, reminders, billing statement generation, customize content forms, chart tools, analytics, ROI Analysis, reimbursement management, and profitability analysis. You can bundle other software for an additional cost.

The simple EHR is designed to benefit your entire medical practice, including physicians, front-office staff, and managers.

Pricing: DrChrono Vs. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD: The practice management tool comes at a price of $429/month per user.

DrChrono EHR: While the basic version is available at no cost, DrChrono comes in different versions, which are priced differently, including Prometheus ($199/month), Hippocrates ($279/month), Apollo ($499/month), and Apollo Plus. The price of the latter is available only upon request.

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