Your Employees Need Training? 3 Easy-to-Use LMS Software


Our reality is changing at the speed of light and not only you, but more specifically your employees, should stay updated regularly, either with new training or refreshing their existing knowledge. This can be a hard goal to achieve for big companies since you need the time and the platform to manage all the learning process efficiently.

But it is highly recommendable because the amount of -apparently- unproductive hours spent will probably be converted to higher quality levels and thus an improvement in your productivity. There is no department in your company that wouldn’t benefit from regular training, from sales force to coders or even non qualified workers.

E-learning concept

However, you need to choose the Learning Management System that suits you best to make a better use of every dollar spent. If your needs are providing your employees with training, then the type of software or platform that you require is not the same as the one you would use to run an e-Learning platform as your main business. That’s the reason that we at ITQlick have analyzed most of the Learning Management Software available, to provide you with a choice of the three best solutions for your purpose. They are simple, easy-to-use and feature rich:


This software will give you a great way to offer different training courses for different departments within your company, but making the entire design process really simple by reusing materials. TalentLMS works as an online platform of contents from videos to presentations, and you will always have access to them separately to design new courses. It is also fully customizable to make it look and feel like another part of your website, and will allow you to design your courses attending more than anything to the configurations that really matter, to simplify the whole process.

Latitude Learning

If you are planning to provide training to less than 250 active users, then you are in luck because you can offer it for free thanks to Latitude Learning. This is a very powerful tool, ready to use and web based, that will enable you to design the best training courses for your employees. Not only so, it may even provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Once you sign-up with the free account, together with all the design tools (branding, learners organization and user experience enhancement), you will also find up to 70 free courses, ready to use and about a wide variety of topics. This might be that long awaited opportunity for your company to accomplish a goal with only a few clicks.

Travitor LMS

Especially designed for video content, with Travitor you can develop a rich learning platform and still keep it simple all the way through. There are three main features that make this solution quite unique and reach. First of all the video upload system, really easy and reliable that is also integrated with a quiz system that you can customize to offer a very appealing training session. T

hen, you will find there is also a content management system integrated with the learning platform that you can use to complete the corporate look of the software, together with the private labeling options available. And, finally but most importantly, there is an existing database with more than 2,000 ready-to-use online courses on almost every topic you can imagine.

So either if you are looking for ready-to-use online courses or want to design your own, but using a simple platform, you will find any of these three solutions perfect to finally provide your employees with the training they need.  We recommend you as well to have a look at The Top 20 Learning Management Systems available on ITQlick to compare and help you make a better choice.