Five9 vs 8×8

Best Call Center: Five9 vs 8×8

A reputable contact center provider will make it easier for your business to make and receive calls in large volumes. Now you must be wondering which contact center provider is the best for your business. Well, we will compare two major virtual call center providers that could help bring about a transformation in the way you reach out to customers and attract them while addressing unhappy customer calls. At the end, you may choose between the two, Five9 vs 8×8, as the best contact center solution for you.

Overview – Compare Five9 vs 8×8

Five9: The company came up with its virtual contact center solution in 2003. They offer web-based call center solutions for businesses with different needs.

8×8: The company launched its first VoIP services in 2002. 8×8 offers a call center solution, a phone system, and a Cloud PBX, along with an international calling feature.

Compare Features

Five9: The call center solution is compatible with PC and Mac. Five9 can dial multiple numbers in one go,  connecting to the agent in an instant when a real person answers the call, thus saving the agent the time to dial the number and wait for the recipient to receive the call.

The application makes it possible for customers to read the IVR on their phones, just like reading a text. The contact center software automatically starts dialing the next in line call as soon as the ongoing call comes to an end, thus cutting down on the idle time for agents. This is one supervisor iPad app that makes things simpler for the supervisor with all the tools easily available.

8×8: The feature-rich contact center solution features tools that enable customers to temporarily share their desktop with the agent, so the latter can directly access important files. Additionally, the customer can use his mouse to discontinue the screen sharing any time.

The Enhanced IVR feature makes access to data easier from multiple sources. It can support speech-driven apps. The externally validated HIPAA / FISMA compliance eliminates the need for costly compliance review. Mobile Wallboards feature gives supervisors a quick insight into the contact center status.

Compare Integrations

Five9: The contact center software can easily integrate with some of the leading CRM solutions, including NetSuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Leads360, and Velocify. Additionally, it offers an Apple Application, which seamlessly works with the Call Center solution.

8X8: The virtual call center solution has an efficient in-house CRM that offers integration with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk.

Technical Support: Five9 Vs 8×8

Five9: Ongoing support is available for all customers 24/7/365. However, if you are a premium Five9 customer, you are entitled to receiving a dedicated Technical Account Manager.

8×8: The Virtual Contact Center support and online chat is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday. For the weekend, it is available for standard business hours, from 6am to 5 pm PT. Premium customers have access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager and 8×8 team to get better insight into new capabilities.

Reliability & Compliance

Five9 and 8×8 meet the standards of reliability, safety, and security laid down by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Both solutions have geo-redundant server farms that ensure high security and are equally capable of keeping your data safe.

Five9: The contact center solution is highly secure with an uptime of 99.99% and uninterrupted failsafe backups. However, unlike 8×8, Five9 does not have any external compliance, not even with HIPAA. There is a four-hour reserve time for weekly maintenance.

8×8: Like Five9, the virtual contact center solution ensures a high level of physical and network security, with an uptime of 99.997% with redundant architecture. In terms of external compliance, 8×8 is different from Five9.

The best part about this solution is that IBM has validated its compliance with standards, which confirms that it is a highly compliant software tool with critical standards. It complied with HIPAA, Safe Harbor, FIPS, and FISMA. The systems never come down for maintenance or upgrades.


Five9: There is a free trial available before you could actually buy the package.

8×8: 8×8 virtual call center is free to download for both PC and Mac versions. It is a competitively priced VOIP system that comes with features not offered by some of the leading competitors.

Bottom Line: Which is the Better? Five9 or 8×8

8×8 is bigger than Five9. But that does not mean Five9 is not the right contact center solution for you. In fact, it was built as a contact center solution right from the beginning. It is the best solution for a contact center, since it has features specific to contact centers. There are many features that 8×8 cannot match. On the other hand, 8×8 is a single vendor that meets all of your communications needs.

If you are still wondering which of the two is the right virtual call center for your business, you can consult the ITQlick software experts. Our team is highly knowledgeable and updated with software tools available and can make the best software recommendations.

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