Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks
Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

If you are searching for reasonably priced yet efficient help desk solutions, you have arrived at the right place – Freshdesk and Spiceworks are two potential helpdesk applications. Spiceworks is a completely free helpdesk solution, where Freshdesk is a feature-rich application which is budget-friendly.

Let us explore about crucial factors that contribute to buying process like features, intended users, pricing info and pros and cons.

Intended users – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

Freshdesk is loaded with all the features to give a thrust your business pursuits, both small-medium businesses and large enterprises can go for this solution. If you are interested in an easy-to use helpdesk solution with efficient ticket management features, look no further Freshdesk is the solution for you.

However, if your requirements are bit on the upper side, say change or problem management this help desk solution may not be able to please you.

If you are not willing to loosen up your wallet and would love to bring basic helpdesk features, Spiceworks is a good option to look for. It also supports asset management, request management and change management features.

Pricing – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

Freshdesk renders free 30-day trial to users, which means you have ample time to decide whether to go with this feature-rich help desk solution or not.

In order to cater to different user groups, Freshdesk helpdesk solution is available in 5 price options , viz. Sprout (Rs. 0 per agent per month, up to 3 agents  13 USD/agent/month thereafter), Blossom (15 USD per agent per month billed annually),Garden (22 USD per agent per month billed annually), Estate (37 USD per agent per month billed annually) and Forest (66 USD per agent per month billed annually).

USP of Spiceworks is that it is free of cost and there is no admin limit or ticket limit also. In order to beef up your customer care solutions,  Spiceworks is available as both cloud-based and on-premises application.

There is no fees for hosting, storage or incorporating additional locations. Pricing details prove that if you are low on budget or frugal-minded Spiceworks is the way out.

Ticket Management – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

When it comes to ticket management, none could match Freshdesk’s exclusive range of options – features like smart suggestions, ticket merging and in-ticket contextual information makes it the most sought-after help desk solution.

Agent collision detection is an innovative feature that gives you an insight about who else is working on the ticket. Shared inbox feature is envisaged to help your group to work together and fix the issues in no time. The entire ticket management process is so simple and Tickets can be classified and prioritized as well.

Spiceworks also offers good ticket management solution and extends the service through e-mail, user portal or Admin UI. Features like adding private comments, custom fields etc. makes it a worthy help desk solution.

It also offers the flexibility to incorporate replies and attachments in the same ticket window. However, Spiceworks offers hair below  average services in ticket management and Freshdesk gets a clear edge over Spiceworks.

Customization and interface – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

Freshdesk is also embedded with admirable customization and interface features which is sure to entice the customers. User could give a fresh look to the customer portal and rebrand the way you like to reflect your personality.

User could incorporate logo, colors etc. to match the elegance of your product range. Top-notch CSS level customization is conceived to take the support portal to an all new level. Freshthemes is yet another attraction from Freshdesk application which offers a pool of plug and play themes and it proves to be a true visual treat to your support portal.

Freshdesk Arcade proves to be a great asset to the customization feature and it helps to inculcate a competitive spirit among your employees to earn points for work done well.

Spiceworks offers good customization features and offers as high as 150 third-party apps to incorporate new attributes. Other features worth mentioning are customizable permissions and team productivity metrics.

However, Spiceworks does not offer an all-inclusive customization feature compared to Freshdesk.

Self-service features – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

With FreshDesk, you need not be bothered about substantial upfront charges or hardware installations. User can purchase a phone number of your interest, at a minimal rate of $1/month, and could enjoy galore of features like automatic call recording, IVR support, and agent transfers.

Online support portal which extends its service 24/7 is another highlight of this helpdesk solution. Chat conversations are  archived automatically which is transformed to tickets which empowers you to perform further follow up with the customer.

It also has an exhaustive knowledge base support which includes forums, instructional videos, live chat, email etc. It also features useful suggestions when users generate a ticket.

Spiceworks is well furnished with an elegant knowledge base software and helps to get advices from whizzes in the industry. You could curate from thousands of useful Knowledge base articles.

It also offers the flexibility to bookmark how-to documents which could be used for reference at a later point of time. You could also auto-append the Knowledge Bases in your ticket response for easy resolution of the ticket.

Reporting – Freshdesk vs. Spiceworks

Freshdesk has cherished its way into people with wide range of reporting capabilities like Summary reports, At a Glance reports, Comparison Reports and Top-N analysis reports. It is crammed with 16 different report tracking parameters which adds to its usability.

It is cladded with desirable features like Ticket response and resolve time, load analysis, top agent performance etc. Satisfaction surveys makes it a complete package which enables to understand about user satisfaction and to assess team performance.

Spiceworks takes reporting to a new stratum and offers flexible reporting capabilities. User could also send reports to seniors with details like time spent on a specific work.



  • Efficient ticket management and reporting features
  • Supports ITIL
  • Superior Customization and user interface features


  • Lack of asset management feature
  • Does not help in change or problem management



  • Free helpdesk solution
  • Supports asset management, request management and change management features


  • Poor ticket management and customization features