4 Gamification Software Alternatives for Badgeville

Ready for the first round? Okay. Here we go in three, two, one… But hey, hold on for a second! We have to warn you that this is not your favorite racing game or sports fight on your gaming console. This is about launching your Gamification Software program and the battle is against your business competitors for productivity and profitability. So if you’re ready to face the everyday game of business (which we think you are), time to grab the keypad, and here we go for these three exciting rounds of exploring Gamification Software technology.

Ready? Then let’s get to fighting!

Round 1 – Get Familiar with Gamification

If you’ve ever played any NES games before or even any XBOX or MMORPG games today, notice that you feel satisfied with those points and cool stuff you earn during gameplay. And of course, there could be nothing more exciting about your access to the next round after finishing every game level.

In a business environment, where the gameplay centers on facing your clients and partners on a daily basis, the Gamification Software program does almost the same thing. It automatically rewards your customers and employees with points and badges, and if your company’s office productivity program is exceptional, they can also see their names flashing on leaderboards earning gifts, rewards, travel perks, and even cash incentives.

One example of Gamification Software is Badgeville. Badgeville’s gamification platform never runs out of ammunition when it comes to the game of business. It has the Game, Reputation, and Social Mechanics solutions ready to boost customers’ loyalty as well as enhance employees’ performance. Plus, it has the Data & Analytics ready to assist you on your website and digital ecosystem’s everyday sales and marketing battles.

Gamification, as a field of science, can also bring fun, excitement, and surprises when applied to the business ecosystem. It is now being integrated with office tools, websites, enterprise management systems like CRM, and many other web-based or on-premise platforms that boost customer and employee engagement. Just like the great experience when playing real or virtual games, it’s like always game time with Gamification Software!

Round 2 – Get to Know the Players and their Top Skills

Many companies have already managed to improve employee collaboration, increase workplace competition, and increase the morale of their employees all because of Gamification Software. So if you think it’s about time to launch the game of productivity inside your organization, the next round you have to deal with is getting to know which player (or software solution) is the right game partner to choose.

Badgeville, as our first example, is a strong Gamification Software solution. Like in the game of basketball, this is on top of the roster. But of course, there are other ace players you can pull out from the bench who can help you win the championship ring. So in this round, let’s have a quick glance at their profiles.

Perkville is strong in customer loyalty and referral programs. Here, you can create a Customer Reward Program wherein customers can earn points and redeem these points online or thru printed vouchers. With the Customer Referral Program, your loyal customers (and their friends) can also earn points if they keep on referring new customers to your business.

Launchfire can be your best partner for creativity especially if your business is in line with retail, restaurant, grocery, or Consumer Package Goods (CPG). Launchfire will gamify your business with creative banners and artworks, cool contest tactics, exciting training packages, and other creative services and solutions.

GamEffective is the best in sales and customer service solutions. Their rich graphical narratives are set to drive your employees’ behavior for a more focused, productive, and sales-oriented workday. With an avatar that will guide your employees on their every task and project, no doubt, you’ll always hit those winning goals.

Bunchball has a Nitro gamification engine which you wouldn’t think twice to bring on board if you want to amplify the capabilities of your enterprise apps, websites, and social networks. With Nitro, your team can create strategic game mechanics and setup challenges that will increase the traffic to your website, increase employee engagement, and transform your business culture into a company of motivated employees.

Round 3 – Beat Your Competitors with the Right Gamification Software

Before you press that “Start Game” button, let’s have a quick recap of the first two rounds. In round 1, you’ve got to know what Gamification Software is and what can it possibly do to your business. In round 2, you happened to discover more Gamification Software players who are ready to set your everyday business game on fire and win it.

If you think you win on rounds 1 and 2, round 3 will push you to the limits. Like in a boxing match, this is the winner-looser round and so you have to give your best punches here. Here’s ITQlick’s strategic advice for you to win this round.

Get to know well the position of your business. What’s the need for gamification? Analyze your employees’ productivity data as well as your customers’ demography and sales interaction in various channels or touch points.

Select the right Gamification Software. As a warm-up, we’ve already presented to you Badgeville and 4 other alternatives. Get to know them more. Talk to those players and evaluate their full potential.

Implement the solution with strategy. Motivate your employees in their everyday work. Give your best punches to boost office productivity and increase customer engagement. And as much as you can, knock out your competitors in terms of revenue and market share with one powerful punch.

And don’t forget, the ITQlick team is here to coach you at the ringside. To begin with, read our reviews of the Top 20 Gamification Products.

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