Grendel CRM Review

Update: Grendel CRM was purchased by Equisoft

Grendel is a web-based CRM developed to provide financial services and data aggregation abilities for practitioners to improve the efficiency of their workflow. Built for brokers, dealers, RIAs, and financial advisors, Grendel focuses on financial compliance, wealth management, account aggregation, trading, client portal, and account aggregation, all geared towards satisfying financial needs. 

It gives room for in-depth interpretation of customer data, precise analysis of their current financial situations, and future predictions.

Grendel CRM has automated features that make it easy for businesses to tailor their strategies to meet customer-specific needs, help them keep track of their networking activities, help organizations, engage in activity tracking, plan clients’ economic futures, and help generate deep business insights.

Finally, with Grendel CRM, businesses can track and analyze business vitals and trajectories. This article examines Grendel CRM, its features, pricing, and other alternatives.

Product Description

Grendel is a financial performance CRM built for professionals. It includes a wide range of add-ons that include asset allocation modules, professional proposal tools,  client portals, goal-based plans, and financial planning. Organizations who look to streamline their work process will realize that Grendel CRM offers an automated process coupled with a client portal, wealth management, trading, and aggregation.

Furthermore, users are assured of their data security as Grendel runs on an encrypted platform that is always accessible. It integrates seamlessly with third-party applications like Aqumulate, Netmail, MoneyGuidePro, Asset book, Blueleaf, Laser app, etc.

1. Industry Connections: One of the strengths of an excellent financial CRM is its industry connections. Grendel as a platform is highly reputed for its iron-clad industry connections. Their application scales industry standards to the highest level and wins the confidence of users quickly.

With a venue suitable for practice management, users like financial advisors, RIAs, brokers, and their clients can be confident to enjoy a module that entails exhaustive client information management, account aggregation, email, and analytic capabilities. No doubt, with these mouth-watering features, Grendel easily ranks high among choice CRM solutions for players within the wealth market.

2. Impeccable Integration: When it comes to flawless Integration with other third-party solutions, Grendel leads with a wide berth. It is compatible with a wide variety of similarly functioning platforms like Aqumulate, Netmail, MoneyGuidePro, Desola group, TDAI video, DST vision, FOX, LaserApp, Charles Schwab, DEALER, Asset book, and Blueleaf, amongst others, giving professionals one of the best CRM for their activities.

Also, with a vast grasp of the platform’s Integration, players in the industry can easily manage relationships, execute compliance-related tasks, provide performance reports and e-sign documents, and increase overall productivity. This way, users can witness and enjoy a solid financial ecosystem comprising similarly functioning applications, all geared towards meeting and satisfying customers’ needs.

3. Strong emphasis on financial compliance: One of the perks of using Grendel CRM is that it adds financial compliance to the organizational picture. For one thing, it serves as a digital paper trail that imbues a sense of accountability and strict adherence to financial standards. Therefore, giving organizations within the financial industry a foolproof system to monitor their financials. 

Also, with a CRM like Grendel, organizations can be sure to maintain transparency while protecting investors’ funds from threats. Grendel ensures that with an impeccable financial transparent system in place, customer needs can be efficiently planned according to their regions.

4. Perfect for Account Aggregation: Organizations Rely on Grendel to provide them with an infallible system of collecting all financial information collected from various institutions, custodians, and clients’ accounts into a single place and make the information available on all platforms.

Grendel CRM eliminates the need to manually and painstakingly collect paper statement, provide them for planning, and input into other essential databases. To achieve this, Grendel CRM has an automated feature that collects information from different sources, namely: bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, etc., using a direct data connection.

5. Client Information Management System: One of the strengths of using Grendel CRM is its impeccable customer-centric focus it adds to a company. For one thing, Grendel identifies the volume of customer information scattered in bits and that the chances of mismanagement are higher than ever. Therefore, Grendel creates good documentation and an effective content management system to sort out client information carefully.

With its infallible data organization system,  organizations can easily collect bits of isolated customer information and throwing them together as a whole for proper management. Furthermore, CRM helps with an architecture that allows customers to systematically support a business by proferring opinions and other business solutions.

6. Wealth Management:  Grendel also doubles as a wealth management system for customers within its database. It consults with a company’s wealthy clients, engaging them in decisions related to their financial needs and goals. Furthermore, Grendel CRM has plans tailored to meet specific client needs and has an advisory service that handles sensitive customer information, keeping them confidential. Management advisors can easily leverage various options like third-party applications to ensure clients’ satisfaction. Grendel CRM has an impeccable system that can handle client’s demands no matter how many. Also, every customer is dealt with in various segments to access the highest level of professional advice.

Price: Grendel CRM offers its users a pricing option of $85.00 for usage every month. However, it is always advisable to contact Grendel for price plans.


Redtail CRM: Redtail Is a cloud-based, Customer Relationship Management solution for practitioners within the financial sphere. It stores its data in an offsite location that is easily accessible 99.9% of the time. It proffers an impeccable client information system, record management, custom exporting, complimentary database conversions, backup, data recovery system, seminar management, and automated office operations.

To expand its user’s reach, it offers bulk and option targeted at a specific group of clients. Furthermore, it integrates well with third-party platforms, like Morningstar, Albridge, LaserApp, and MoneyGuidePro. Users can import or export data at any convenient time of their choosing. There is a support system via training sessions, webinars, and online docs. For more accessibility, Redtail CRM Is available on Android and iOS devices.

Redtail has a flexible pricing option that can be made every month, available at $99.00 per month. Redtail serves as a perfect alternative for Grendel, as it has functions in line with serving organizational and customer financial needs.

Zoho CRM:  As an alternative to Grendel, Zoho CRM is a cloud-based management platform compatible with businesses of all sizes. It provides a functioning channel for users to respond to customers in real time. Furthermore, its automated tools are specifically built for sales and marketing and come with a Customer support option, helpdesk, and analytics.

Zoho CRM also has an AI-powered sales assistant that can easily predict when a user will call, scan its system for emails that need urgent attendance, and display statistics. Zoho integrates with WordPress, Gsuite, Unbounce, Evernote, and other related media as a third-party supportive platform. Zoho also supports a customizable tool for users to build features that suit their preferences.

Zoho offers a monthly and annual subscription basis. The CRM for entrepreneurs comes with a free edition and has up to 3 users. However, the paid subscription starts at $14.00.

In comparison, Zoho shares a lot of similarities with Grendel In many areas. First, both platforms have an automated customer management system that quickly attends to customer needs. Also, they integrate seamlessly with third-party applications like WordPress, Gsuite, etc.

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