Grow Your Nonprofit With the Right Software


Operating a nonprofit is an admirable job, where you pour your heart for providing invaluable service for a worthy cause, spending hours to raise funds and grow membership.  However, it can be challenging to manage everything efficiently. It is here that the right nonprofit management software can help you work smart and efficiently manage day-to-day operations, from accounting to reporting, email marketing campaigns, and constituent management.

Types of Software to Grow Nonprofit

  1. Accounting Software: A nonprofit receives lots of funding from different organizations. Manually managing and tracking of financial information is no less challenging. An accounting solution can come in handy to keep a tab on all the financial information, which includes efficiently allocating, collecting, budget monitoring, tracking, forecasting, payroll processing, and reporting.
  2. Membership management software: Tracking payments, participation, contact information, and renewals is a big task for membership-based organizations that serve different communities. A membership management software solution can efficiently record member details and contact information, communication & interactions, and track renewals and payments.
  3. Fundraising & donor management software: Nonprofits need to securely collect and track donations and maximize potential through different marketing campaigns. Fundraising & donor management software enables nonprofits to track collected dollars and details of donors contributing them. With this software, nonprofits can not only manage, engage, and retain existing donors, but also strategically source prospective ones.
  4. Volunteer management software: Nonprofits need to build a volunteer database, since they depend heavily on them. With a volunteer management software solution, these organizations find it easier to build a volunteer workforce and interact with them by storing contact information, history, and availability. The software is designed with scheduling capabilities to contact volunteers that have volunteered for future events and track their responses and availability. It helps you match volunteers to specific roles, considering their volunteering experience and history.
  5. Grant management solution: For a nonprofit, managing grants and keeping track of every single proposal and award can be a tough job. But a grant management software tool can come in handy here. Equipped with fund processing and allocation capabilities, the tool ensures that funds are perfectly processed and allocated. Additionally, the software sends out timely application status notifications, manages grant opportunities, provides centralize access to grant information, track grants, and streamline proposal creation, helping you meet your funding goals faster and easily. Keep track of what has happened in the past and leverage the information to optimize your funding success.
  6. Nonprofit CRM: A constituent relationship management solution is crucial to the success of a nonprofit. It creates a seamless database environment to manage constituents, which includes alumni, volunteers, and corporations. It gives a holistic perspective of supporters, facilitates seamless interaction and communication among members. The nonprofit CRM comes complete with lead generation, campaign management, contact management, donation tracking, processing, and reporting capabilities.
  7. Nonprofit marketing & outreach software: Nonprofits seek more and more funding opportunities, and are often on the lookout for volunteers and donors. A nonprofit marketing and outreach solution is designed to support customized online campaigns, including email & direct marketing. The software enables users to create personalized content for marketing campaigns. It features communications management, content marketing, in-depth reporting, targeted email delivery, and message archiving capabilities. Creating social engagement by individual email marketing and fundraising can help small nonprofits steer ahead and cultivate relationships.

For mid-sized nonprofits, it is crucial to cultivate existing relationships to convert occasional givers, volunteers, and newsletter readers into repeat donors. Nonprofit database suites, designed with email marketing, financial management, robust reporting and audit capabilities, can come to their rescue.

Large nonprofits stand to benefit from enterprise resource planning solutions to manage, plan, and strategize multi-million dollar budgets. These solutions are designed with fundraising and email marketing features to handle bulk traffic and donations, thus helping streamline back-end operations.


Right type of software helps nonprofits to track grants, fund-raising, and donations. With the right nonprofit management software, you can

  • capture, manage constituent data
  • cultivate engaged constituents through marketing & communication and advocacy campaigns
  • capture, manage culling critical constituent data
  • manage interactions
  • harness relationships
  • foster new relationships

Wondering whether your nonprofit should go for a software solution to manage everyday operations? Of course, it is difficult to manage everything manually. At ITQlick, we understand your unique needs, depending on the size of your organization, and help you choose the best solution that runs on mobile phones and tracks, monitors, manages, and optimizes funds. Get access to real-time information with our software recommendations for the best pricing that fit your specific needs.