Smartsheet Vs. Trello

Smartsheet Vs. Trello
Smartsheet Vs. Trello

Smartsheet Vs. Trello – When it comes to picking a project management tool, there are many things to consider. You want an app that will make things better organized, help you better manage projects, and make your life easier.

You may want to compare Smartsheet vs Trello to see how well these apps work before picking the one that will cater to your specific needs.

Smartsheet and Trello: Head to Head Comparison

Overview – Smartsheet Vs. Trello

Both project management applications cater to small-and medium-sized companies. If you are a small-sized business, you may want to choose either of the two solutions. However, you want to make sure that you are not paying for enterprise features of Smartsheet, which comes with large enterprise scalability.

For a small-sized business, Trello should be a cost-effective choice compared to Smartsheet. Trello is a task management solution that uses boards to organize projects.

In one glance, the card-based design gives an accurate view of what’s being worked on. Not only this, you can easily find who’s working on what.

Interface Comparison – Smartsheet Vs. Trello

The visual drag and drop functionality in the Trello interface makes it easy for someone from non-tech background to pick up quickly.

Trello’s interface may seem too visual to get a hang of initially. It is available for a variety of platforms and designed to help users “organize anything, together.” However, it may seem like a huge challenge to use the platform in the beginning. But once you get a hang of the lists, cards, and boards, you can start using it to get organized and appreciate its true beauty and simplicity.

If Trello’s interface looks too visual, then Smartsheet may be the perfect fit for you. The project management application takes a spreadsheet-like approach to helping you keep things organized.

Trello’s interface looks similar in both desktop and mobile version. Smartsheet’s mobile apps are quite easy to use and available for iOS and Android. The spreadsheets can be viewed accurately on a smartphone. On top of it, these are fairly easy to work with. You can easily set timelines and collapse and expand rows and columns.

Features: Smartsheet Vs. Trello

While Trello is a web-based collaboration tool that uses Kanban-like lists, Smartsheet makes it easy for users with its tabular sheets. Users do not need an extensive knowledge to work with spreadsheets.

The best thing about using Smartsheet is that you can do things easily here that weren’t even possible with spreadsheets.  In fact, you can do things you couldn’t do with spreadsheets. Smartsheets makes it a breeze to upload attachments.

With Trello, you can share boards with anyone by entering their email id. Sharing your Smartsheet is also easy too. However, here you need to email a link to multiple users. With Smartsheet, users can control the editing power of sheets. Besides, you can control who can only view the sheet and not edit.

On the other hand, Trello recognizes its users and drops a message to invite those who are not.  It is easy to customize and you can use the tool the way you want to. On the other hand, you can use Smartsheet to color-code and add date and time. However, with Trello, there is no way to track time, history, or progress.

Though Smartsheet is a robust project management app, it lacks the visual appeal of Trello. But there are some project and resource management features that Trello misses out on compared to Smartsheet.

Smartsheet and Trello Pricing Comparison

You can avail free trial for 30 days to test drive Smartsheet and then choose its packages, with plans starting at $14 per month. There are 4 pricing packages for Smartsheet – Individual Plan ($14/user/month), Team Plan ($15/user/month), Business Plan ($25/user/month), and Enterprise Plan – customized.

If you are interested in Trello, you can start with its free version, which has basic features. However, if you choose to upgrade to Trello Gold, you will need to pay $45 per year. This package enables you to upload bulky files. There are other features to avail with this package, such as custom backgrounds. But if you still need more features, the Business Class version should be your first choice that gives additional administrative features.

Integrations – Smartsheet Vs. Trello

Smartsheet can seamlessly integrate with AppSheet, Smartsheet for Android, Azuqua, App Guru, and Dropbox. Trello offers a developer API that enables users to develop applications and plugins. The task management tool integrates with a huge range of apps.

Bottom Line – Smartsheet Vs. Trello

When it comes to choosing between Trello and Smartsheet, you might be interested in one that offers you all the features that make your business better organized.

If you are familiar with using excel, you will find Smartsheet as the best tool to get things organized at your end. But that does not mean Trello lags behind in the ease of use. With clear buttons and labels, it is easy to use once you get a hang of it.

If you are still unable to find the best project management and task management tool for your business, let the ITQlick team make some recommendations to you. You can depend on our judgment, knowledge, and experience to decide if you should go for Smartsheet vs Trello.