How to Choose Help Desk Software: 5 Mistakes To Avoid


Friendly operator, helpdeskCustomer service is the key to a successful business. So you cannot compromise with your help desk. Choosing the best help desk software can be tricky. Nevertheless here are a few common help desk software selection mistakes that some enterprises make.

1. Ignoring audience

When it comes to choosing help desk software, you cannot ignore your customers. After all, it is for their service that you are investing in the new system. Knowing who you are serving is ideally the first step in the selection of a help desk tool.

Some products are designed only to serve internal employees. So if you invest in such a product, the tool would be of no use when it comes to communicating with external customers.

Therefore, knowing your audience will help find the perfect software for customer service.

2. Opting for on-premise solutions

Some organizations simply ignore cloud-based systems and opt for on-premises solutions that store all communication details and tickets within the company’s premises.

Storing the information within your premises requires you to have a separate physical space to set up the required hardware. This solution requires large upfront payment and ongoing maintenance costs, besides increasing space requirements, which only take the cost up. An on-premises solution is not for small businesses that have limited budget.

The best, cost-effective, and safe alternative is to choose a cloud-based help desk solution, which comes with the benefit of low cost and flexibility.  It is especially great for businesses that are growing by the day and plan to rapidly expand customer support.

3. Not knowing your options

warningSome customer service systems are full of features to support customers and keep them happy. While some such tools come with key analytical features, such as reporting and tracking, some others are ordinary platforms and do not offer such services. Knowing your options is therefore critical to choosing the best help desk software.

Some companies often evaluate complete systems instead of assessing their features or applications. When choosing help desk software, make sure you evaluate its feature to determine if you need all of them. Your help desk may not need all of the bells and whistles to offer better customer support and maximize ROI.

In-platform analytics are of no use for companies that already track their data. Some companies do not assess their problems and end up buying systems with features that are redundant.

It is important to assess your needs before going ahead with a new product so that you invest in the right solution. One of the most critical features that no company can ignore is the live chat option.

4. Ignoring email compatibility

When it comes to choosing help desk software, some organizations ignore the issue of email compatibility in the first place and end up buying a product that supports one email server or the other.

If the software is not compatible with your email server, this could make it completely redundant. As a result, you have to either re-invest in a new system that support your Exchange server or change the process of email ticket submission.

Look for a product that is compatible with both and weed out the systems that support only one email server. While looking for a help desk system, consider SSL encryption for security if you use an email-driven ticketing system to secure all communications and exchange of information.

5. Not focusing on personalization

When looking for efficient help desk software, make sure you choose one that is customizable. You do not want customers to feel they are a number. When a customer approaches you with a problem, a personalized email template will make them feel being cared for while generic responses may not leave much impact.

Make sure the product is able to capture all of your business processes and resolve challenges being faced by your team. Look for help desk software that is flexible and scalable so that it can be easily scaled to meet the growing needs of your business, without much help from the vendor as that will result in higher cost.

“Look for help desk software that is flexible and scalable so that it can be easily scaled to meet the growing needs of your business…”

Finding an all-encompassing help desk system can be tricky. Worry not! ITQlick boasts a team of professionals who have decades of IT experience to guide your choice of the right product and prevent you from making help desk software selection mistakes.