Innovative Fleet Management Solutions


Fleet management solutions are designed to help improve operational efficiency of organizations running or operating fleet. The innovative tools help in the effective tracking, reporting, and management of fleet data.

A robust fleet management system can play a crucial role in improving operational visibility, including visibility into mobile resources, real-time tracking of vehicle fleets, and managing, maintaining, and securing mobile resources.

You need an integrated fleet management tool that can efficiently address the challenges facing your fleet business, reduce risk factors and operational cost, and require little manual interference.

1. Dossier Fleet Management System

Offering both cloud-based and on-premises deployment, Dossier is designed to automate control of managing operational and cost efficiency of a fleet, thus helping you make better decisions using the available relevant data.

The user-friendly software automates repair orders, preventative maintenance service schedules, labor costs, vendor expenditures, annual fleet budget control, and parts inventory while keeping track of all specifications.

Dossier can seamlessly track and manage vehicles and equipment of all types, with the ability to expand to meet growing business needs.

Without training, it is not easy to use the system. But with training, the system is a breeze to use and operate, accelerating and improving fleet management control.

2. WorkWave Fleet

Automated scheduling and route optimization are the hallmarks of WorkWave Fleet software, helping “virtual-ize” your fleet. The user-friendly fleet management software helps companies control spiraling fleet running expenses, reduce operational costs, track vehicles in real time, and better manage and track asset performance and maintenance.

Easy to integrate into an existing CRM or ERP, the route optimization tool provides accurate cost estimates and mileage information and extensive route plan and maps while giving dispatchers ultimate control and visibility to identify critical issues.

It would be a value added service for the WorkWave team to offer commercial road restriction information and make things easier for customers.

3. Telogis

An end-to-end fleet management solution, Telogis is a GPS driven system packed with innovative features to facilitate status tracking, job scheduling, repair center management, automated alerts, and real-time access to critical information while efficiently keeping track of maintenance needs.

The easy-to-use tool enables managers to view the existing weather patterns, such as hurricanes, storm surges, and snowfall, in order to avoid delays and streamline operational efficiency.

Integrated with an umpteen number of features, Telogis involves a longer learning curve for beginners, which may make it a little difficult to use the system. It becomes a powerful fleet management tool once you fully understand how to use the software.

4. CollectiveFleet

With a full suite of fleet management solutions, CollectiveFleet is designed to optimize fleet maintenance management, asset and vehicle tracking, and parts inventory management, among others.

The scalable tool enables organizations to identify over and under-utilized vehicles, streamline workflow, eliminate unnecessary inventory, and access vehicle repair history. While it can grow and expand with the growth of your company, the innovative fleet management tool tracks detailed data on each vehicle to facilitate maintenance management.

An easy to integrate tool with existing software, CollectiveFleet is a perfect fit for organizations seeking a comprehensive, flexible asset management solution.

New users may find data entry as a time-consuming process initially. But training and guidance can certainly speed up things and maximize returns on investment.

5. GPS Tracking and Dispatching

The cloud-based solution, GPS Tracking and Dispatching is an easy to use tool to easily and efficiently track and coordinate vehicle fleet in real time. The tracking device installed in each vehicle sends frequent location updates, thus helping keep track of the fleet of vehicles.

The Route Manager enables easy differentiation of vehicles based on their color, labels, and type. The fleet management software features tools to monitor driver behavior and status. The two-way messaging feature facilitates communication and interaction between drivers and dispatch, helping them stay on track and preventing them from getting lost.

Interested users can also invest in the additional plug-and-go device for quick implementation. Some of the features that come for a price should be integrated into the software as part of the comprehensive solution.

Looking for the right fleet management solution to transform the way your fleet operates? At ITQlick, we can help you find the best tool for smarter fleet management, real-time visibility into your fleet, and improved driver productivity.