Innovative Solutions for Service Dispatching

Scheduling for multiple work orders, route planning, inventory control, and work order management are some of the service dispatch software features that help improve efficiency, reduce cost, and maximize productivity and the bottom line. The innovative technology allows routing technicians based on location, drive time, or customer severity. Many such systems are integrated with GPS to routing maps, helping technicians to prioritize directions, depending on traffic as well as the time of the day.

1. Salesforce

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Salesforce offers a full suite of customer relationship management applications, offering vertical and industry-specific solutions. The Salesforce app offers sales management, customer service management, partner relationship management, and marketing automation capabilities.

These help organizations manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns, and provide service post sale. The service dispatching software is easy to customize and deploy and can be integrated with other software solutions.

You can easily access the app development environment and resources required for creating, testing, designing, and deploying a custom application. Keeping track of your business deals is possible with the “The Castle” function, which enables bookmarking of a topographical view.

Cons: Reports can be difficult to run initially in the system. But with practice, you can easily filter reports.

2. Mhelpdesk

Designed with multiple features, Mhelpdesk is an innovative service dispatching software tool that helps manage all aspects of field service business from a centralized platform. The cloud-based system with an intuitive interface integrates with QuickBooks, providing quick import and export of billing information.

Available on any mobile device, the app can be accessed anywhere anytime from a device with Internet connectivity. The customizable work orders allow you to create custom templates specific to your organization.

Designed with fully functioning widgets, Mhelpdesk offers complete transparency into staff schedules and other information, thus helping boost productivity and streamline the business.

Cons: The mobile application does not work offline, which makes the app redundant for customers that do not have access to the Internet.  If the application was available offline, it would help organizations become more sufficient.

3. SugarCRM

Innovation in the field of service dispatching, SugarCRM is a user-friendly tool that comes with marketing & sales automation, customer relationship management, and account management capabilities and enables customization to suit your company’s needs.

Built in an open source platform, the application features advanced search functions, a shortcut bar, and downloadable plug-ins to facilitate search, without requiring training in the system. It is available both as an on-premise and software-as-a-service solution and supports multiple mobile devices.

Cons: Its multi-tenant architecture makes it a little difficult to do a new roll-out to a larger audience since each user gets their own URL.


The intuitive yet sophisticated platform features integrated marketing & sales automation, help design & customer support, business communications, and channel management capabilities. Available both as an on-premise and cloud-based solution, SAP-CRM is a user-friendly product with an integrated analytics platform that offers insight into customer activities, which can be leveraged for cross and upselling.

The robust service dispatching software is a highly flexible product that provides rapid deployment solutions for quick implementation and cost savings.

Cons: It may be difficult to understand how the SAP CRM backend has been configured without the assistance of highly skilled professionals. It does require training to understand the complexities of the system.

5. ServiceNow Express

The SAAS-based service management and dispatching software offer a fully integrated suite of features that facilitate asset tracking and configuration, change management, and a robust visual task board. The dispatch scheduling software automates service requests to streamline the service management process.

The Unique Live Feed feature is designed for faster issue resolution, helping employees send queries to IT technicians in real-time.  With this intuitive tool, the ServiceNow Express team can set up how-to and self-help guides to publish an extensive Knowledge Base for other employees.

The program features a robust ticketing system that allows instant creation of incidents. The ability to manage and release backlogs helps make it more efficient to handle business operations.

Some users may find it hard to navigate the system to manage tickets. With practice, the system is easier to use than ever.

Looking for a service dispatching solution with good usability, functionality, and capabilities?  ITQlick experts can help you save time and money and suggest the right tools that will help streamline your operations.

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