Issue Tracking Software – 2017 Comparison

Sisense Pricing
Sisense Pricing

Bugs can compromise with the functioning of software solutions. A bug tracking system can come in handy, since it is designed as a defect tracking system for software applications, keeping track of bugs.  The computer program keeps track of various issues faced by software developers. Issue tracking solutions allow developers to track bugs that may arise during a software development project, helping improve the code quality and standardize issue management processes.

Issue Tracking Software

The best issue tracking software is easy to use, flexible, scalable, and configurable enough to handle project complexities. An effective bug tracking solution provides dynamic documentation integration.

  1. Zoho Bug Tracker

The online bug tracking application is designed for programmers to keep track of bugs in software development projects, helping you maintain quality assurance. With a clean, intuitive interface, Zoho Bug Tracker is simple to use and navigate.

Keep track of all the bugs or issues that you try to spoil your coding or programming. It comes with an array of options that allow users to define their own specification to spot and classify bugs. Zoho Bug Tracker is one powerful tool integral to project programming and software development.

  1. PhaseWare Tracker

Designed as a customer support management application, PhaseWare Tracker is an ideal tool to manage business processes through better issue tracking and ticket management, helping improve response time. The fully configurable customer support tool helps reduce operational expenses, track time, manage complaints, and meet service level agreement compliance requirements.

With PhaseWare Tracker, you can significantly improve the quality of customer service through quality monitoring and tracking of internal response rate against goals, which means strengthening relationships with customer base and enjoying deeper customer loyalty. The tool can be integrated with web, email, voice, and chat support to provide a single customer service strategy for seamlessly managing customer service.

  1. Support Incident Tracker

The web-based help desk application is designed with PHP and MySQL to effortlessly track emails and technical support calls, manage contacts, and support incidents in a single platform. With Support Incident Tracker or SiT, you can send and receive emails, attach files, and track every single communication.

The easy-to-use and install software comes with customer address database, incident sharing and assigning, and tasks list, besides dashboard features. Users can share incidents between team and engineers or send them directly to engineers, ensuring every incident is reported and assigned with priority levels, depending on the issue.

Keep an incident log of engineer actions and customer communication to ensure every incident is properly handled. Customizable email templates, multiple language support, and fast search facility are some additional features of SiT.

  1. BugSense

With its mobile application development and analytics platform, BugSense tracks the performance and quality of mobile apps and analyzes crash reports. Its crash analytics services are designed to help in debugging, keep a track of important issues, most affected devices, and affected users.

Users can access real-time intelligence reports for quality, performance, and crash.  The application error-reporting service harnesses the power of Google App Engine to provide secure, scalable data storage, keep a track of app errors and deliver top-rated service to customers.

In the event of any smartphone apps crashes, the error tracking service offers detailed crash reports, helping developers locate and fix the problem through a web-based user dashboard.

  1. TrackJumper

The online bug tracking software features a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate for independent software developers. TrackJumper keeps track of bug and issue tickets. It enables users to create, report, and organize issue tickets. It is one tool that will come in handy to keep your websites bug free.

Users can control access with a simple role-based system, which means allowing clients access to their own projects alone. The simple, intuitive issue tracking software is designed for non-technical managers, freelancers, and small businesses to facilitate efficient tracking of project progress. Additionally, it keeps project tickets organized in the form of lists while keeping a track of issues and bugs running in the background.

Users can track ticket status and create groups for the most popular or common types of tickets.

Which Software is the Best?

Issue or bug tracking is critically important for the success of a web development project. The best issue tracking software provides users with the tools to customize fields and workflows, track time to resolution, track progress of open bugs, create a repository of unsolved as well as solved bugs, and integrate with code repositories.

Whether you are looking for an on-premise issue tracking software solution or a cloud-based defect tracking tool, ITQlick can help you wade through the flood of bug tracking applications available. Our software recommendations are based on knowledge, in-depth research, and understanding of how a software app works, not to mention its compatibility with your specific business or industry. come in touch with us today!