Jira Alternatives


Looking for the best project tracking tool to keep you up to date with work status? Jira can come in handy, helping managers assign work, track team activities, and capture issues. Users can leverage the solution to assign, prioritize, report, track, audit issues and change requests, helping save time and improve productivity. However, if you are looking for Jira alternatives, this post may be used as a guide.

  1. Wrike

The project management tool allows users access to current information, track deadline, and receive real-time updates, so you are always aware of project deadlines.  This helps them complete tasks in a timely manner by prioritizing assignments, providing feedback to managers, who can monitor updates in real-time and keep clients informed.

Project tracking gets easier with the tool that comes with project organizing, workload management, time tracking, and document collaboration capabilities, besides customizable report features.

Whether you want to provide timely feedback on work progress or keep your plans visible to your entire team, Wrike can come in handy.

Cons: Professional plan users cannot access progress reports.

  1. Mavelink

A great project management and collaboration solution for small businesses that makes a perfect Jira alternative, Mavelink provides tools for work management. Combine your project management tasks, including resource planning, time tracking, and finances, and grow in a world where transparency, collaboration, and performance matter the most.

Monitor performance against time and gain visibility into the status of all projects. Whether you want to schedule updates, invoices or change orders, Mavelink is the right tool to seamlessly handle these tasks, thanks to its simple, intuitive interface that helps you provide clients with a collaborative, transparent experience.

Trust Mavelink to handle all of your project management, project accounting, resource management, team collaboration, and business intelligence tasks.

Cons: The cloud-based application cannot work without the Internet.

  1. Zoho

Looking for a perfect alternative to Jira? Well, Zoho has everything you need to manage everyday business operations. The project management solution gives you all the tools you need to empower your workforce to step up productivity, boost sales, and manage business processes.

Give your sales team the tools it needs to simplify complex processes, organize tasks, ensure timely completion, and close more business deals. The application seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, Google Apps, and Github.

It comes with a presentation chart, which enables teams to demonstrate tasks using a Gantt chart, clear displaying priority tasks and time required for completion. This certainly makes life easier for teams and managers.

Cons: The app is best suited for small businesses with limited number of users.

  1. Clarizen

Another Jira alternative is Clarizen. The online project management solution is designed to make things easier for teams and project managers to manage projects and resources. Get your team connected with the intuitive collaborative work management solution to manage projects, budgets, and resources and boost productivity.

Get the most out of every person, asset, or project with the team collaboration solution and make better resource allocation decisions. This ensures that right people work on the right projects, creating a collaborative atmosphere and move your business forward in the right direction.

Cons: Users need to be connected to the Internet in order to access the solution.

  1. Vorex

A comprehensive project management solution, Vorex comes complete with customer relationship management, project management, reporting, timesheet management, and invoicing capabilities. With these features integrated into one application, you do not need a separate software tool to take care of these requirements and accelerate business processes through automation.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes project management easier than ever, giving your team members a centralized environment to collaborate in real time, manage tasks, projects, resources, and budgets, get complete visibility of project progress, and estimate project profitability.

An ultimate alternative to Jira for medium to large enterprises that often have to juggle between projects, Vorex makes processes simple and less complicated through automation capabilities.

Track time and expenses, manage customer relationship and billing, and keep track of projects with the project tracking software that is easy to set up and use on mobile.

Cons: The all-in-one suite does not offer integration with third party applications.

Still looking for Jira alternatives? Let the ITQlick team be your guide in choosing the best project management solution for your business. We will match you with top tools that fit your budgetary needs and cater to your requirements. With ITQlick, you can find the right tools that can help you improve your business processes, work within budget, improve collaboration, and enjoy greater success.

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