Marketing in 2020: How Will Marketing Automation Software Look Like


Marketing is critically important for any business. The prime purpose of marketing is to spread the word about your brand and products. If there is no marketing, there is no point in selling, because there is no way to reach out to the customers.

How will potential customers know what you are selling? You may have come up with the best product, but without marketing, there are no customers. Marketing in 2020 will continue to play a crucial role for any business, helping spread the message about your brand, gain leads, and promote sales.

It is here that marketing automation software will continue to facilitate the task of brand promotion and marketing. The marketing software niche is evolving, and keeping up with the ongoing technological developments is important for businesses.

Campaign Analytics

A number of marketing automation solutions provide customer behavior metrics, so marketers can leverage the data to optimize campaign performance. This will continue to evolve in 2020.

Ease of Use

An intuitive interface is all users need to navigate a software product. Solution providers are working in this regard to make their offerings more intuitive. A user-friendly product is loved by one and all. The focus of software providers will remain on making their products even more user friendly to keep them in limelight. Drag and drop features are being introduced in many marketing automation software solutions for easier navigation.

Tighter CRM Integration

B2B enterprises look for solutions that provide sales and marketing alignment. Marketing automation solution providers are working in this regard to design solutions that can seamlessly integrate with CRM systems. As marketing and sales integration becomes a priority, solution providers will continue to focus on this feature.

Reputation Management

There is a gradual shift from brand to reputation management. The perception of the target audience defines your brand. Brands can harness the power of marketing automation tools to actively monitor social networking platforms and conversations about their products. These automated solutions can help track blogs and other online communities where the audience is engaging with your brand or conversations about the brand are likely to occur.

Marketing automation tools must be equipped with features to monitor, segment, and target conversations that pose a risk to brand reputation. The need of the hour is to evolve automation tools to incorporate social media listening functionality and reputation filters that reflect the true values and voice of the brand.

From Campaigns to Conversations

With a spurt in the growth of communication technology and channels, the world of marketing in 2020 will continue to evolve. By 2020, brands will require tools to facilitate meaningful, relevant conversations with consumers to drive revenue growth. Traditional outbound marketing campaigns will no longer be sufficient to engage with customers.

The goal of conversations has changed from promoting the brand to engaging the audience, which will be willing to respond to your content. The need of the hour is such marketing campaigns that encourage ongoing conversations and then leverage the analysis of these engagements to come up with innovative campaigns.

The need for marketing automation tools to enable internal and external conversation will increase manifold by 2020. The idea is to engage customers in the best possible way at the right time. This requires integration of marketing automation tools with Intelligent Agent technologies, such as Smart Bots, for the seamless management of conversations with customers in real time.

Machine Learning

By 2020, the cumbersome rules management processes will give way to an innovative solution to overcome this burgeoning complexity.  It is here that Machine Learning may have to big role to play, so marketing automation tools can evolve without requiring any programming knowledge by users.

With machine learning, there will be no need to classify and tweak rules manually every time there is some new data about a customer. The 2020 marketing automation platforms are expected to be equipped with machine learning.

The combination of science, statistics, and analytics will make the task of segmentation of customers easier for marketers. Additionally, it will facilitate marketers to make accurate forecast of customer lifetime value and personalize messaging.

Smarter Marketing in 2020

So the field of marketing in 2020 will harness the power of machine learning to process information overload from various sources and make accurate, timely, and profitable predictions.

With the ever-increasing popularity of automation software, marketers will need to streamline internal communication and collaboration to identify the marketing content and save precious marketing dollars.

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