What is Marketing Automation Software


In simple words, the sales process is marketing in its initial stages. As a business, you are always looking for a performance-driven marketing program, which is conversion centric as well and can manage every aspect of marketing. It is here that marketing automation software comes in handy.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is a type of software designed especially for the purpose of automating, streamlining, and measuring marketing activities and workflows. Such tools help businesses focus on core competencies, without worrying about the marketing aspect, thus helping boost operational efficiency and revenue.

The software comes with unique capabilities to automate marketing processes, including campaign management, social media marketing, and customer data integration and segmentation. Automation helps make processes much more efficient than they would be if done manually, thus allowing time for new processes.


A critical element of customer relationship management, a marketing automation tool is a kind of purpose-built solution to facilitate the task of marketing, replacing manual and repetitive marketing processes. It

  • Connects multiple touch points where potential customers are present, including email, website, and social media, and helps ensure that every touch point is properly planned for conversion.
  • Helps nurture prospective customers, so you enjoy a lasting relationship with them, focusing on goals beyond sales.
  • Empowers your business with a centralized database for all of your marketing data, including customer interactions.
  • Helps marketers streamline lead nurturing & generation, lead scoring, segmentation, customer retention, customer lifecycle marketing, and marketing ROI measurement.
  • Enables you to send personalized messages on the basis of common behavior, demographic profiles, and interests, making communication stronger and helping foster lasting relationships. You can add more personal touches to your marketing campaign by designing targeted offers for specific user profiles.
  • Reports on the performance of the marketing campaign and helps integrate marketing channels to deliver cross-platform experience.

Popular marketing automation software

  1. Pardot Marketing Automation

The cloud-based marketing software is designed to help businesses generate quality leads from effective marketing campaigns, which help convert sales and boost revenue. Pardot is your go-to grading and management tool if your focus is on better lead qualification and generation, with shorter sales cycles, so you can maximize returns and improve sales.

Develop highly effective targeted marketing campaigns to be run across multiple marketing channels. Give your sales teams the best tools to build social media presence and posting on multiple social networks from a single platform. With customizable templates and tools, the marketing automation tool simplifies email marketing, so you can optimize email deliverability.

  1. InfusionSoft

Simplify your sales & marketing with a single online tool that is designed to take care of your lifecycle marketing. With the integration of CRM, email marketing, and e-commerce, InfusionSoft is one of the best tools to stay organized and boost sales. Save time while spreading the message about your brand using the completely automated tool that takes care of every aspect, including newsletter creation and social media marketing, and caters to your overall marketing needs.

  1. Act-On

Design your marketing campaigns with ease with Act-On – a complete marketing tool that supports integration with customer relationship management, email marketing, and webinar management, among a range of tools. Integration with these tools is just a click away with Act-On.

The cloud-based integrated marketing automation solution is ultimate tool for lead generation, trigger marketing, drip marketing, lead management, visitor tracking, and social media marketing. Seamlessly launch quality email marketing campaigns, segment lists, track and measure performance results, and integrate forms and landing pages.


Typically a complete customer relationship management tool, ONTRAPORT combines such capabilities as marketing and sales automation, lead generation, collaboration, email marketing, campaign management, referral tracking, document management, social advertising, multi-channel marketing, and remote access, among others.

It is a full suite of sales automation services that comes complete with lead tracking & management, template management, billing and invoicing, quality management, data encryption, and contact history features. With a fully integrated sales and marketing automation software solution, lead generation is a breeze, and you can focus primarily on boosting sales.

  1. HubSpot InBound Marketing

A comprehensive marketing tool, HubSpot Inbound marketing caters to your marketing automation and management needs. Designed with such capabilities as CRM, customizable reporting, delivery tracking, campaign management, automatic segmentation, drip email marketing, behavioral scoring, lead segmentation, and progressive profiling, HubSpot comes with a clean interface with intuitive functionality, helping you create and customize campaign performance, including email marketing reports.

With so many options out there, are you wondering which marketing software is right for your business? Get accurate recommendations from our ITQlick experts. We have been in the IT industry for a long time and understand the unique needs of your industry. Allow us to step in to guide your selection of the best marketing automation software that helps your business grow.