Marketo vs. Hubspot

Marketo vs. Hubspot
Marketo vs. Hubspot

Marketo was co-founded by Phil Fernandez, Jon Miller and David Morandi, all former employees of Epiphany in the year 2006. It once touched #1 position amongst software companies in the year 2013. The customer base has crossed 3,000 across the globe.

Hubspot came into being in 2006 and is the brainchild of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah from the MIT. It has come to the epitome of success in inbound marketing with revenues crossing $ 130 million and employee count of 800+.

Ease of Use – Marketo vs. Hubspot

Marketo is more into providing customised solutions to the users, which requires all the stuff to be well known in advance by the user. Generally, these users are marketing specialists and do not have much knowledge of software-as-a-service applications.

Hubspot, on the other hand, can make a novice learn the marketing automation techniques with ease. It gives you simple, intuitive access to multiple types of marketing functions. It indeed is a powerful tool to impact user satisfaction and make the product more viable.

It can be easily integrated with other prevalent CRM software in the organisation with it’s whole gamut of APIs.

Reliability – Marketo vs. Hubspot

Hubspot has a round the clock customer service. Be it through phone, email, chat and what not; Hubspot is always there for you. They have loads of user guides and manuals in its online forums, so users can easily access this information without seeking the help of customer support.

Marketo has a customer support from Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm PT. The same can be done via phone, email, chat and the like, but only on the mentioned days. This is mostly because of lesser user base and it may scale up with the increase in base and turnaround.

Speed – Marketo vs. Hubspot

The level of integration with other systems with the help of API instances is the key to faster output of data. Marketo provides access to numerous instances and the sync is very fast.

The number of transactions processed at once was about 10-12k records, else the data is bound to be stuck. Mostly, users tend to process maximum data over the night to reduce chances of performance issues during the day.

The ideal page load speed for Hubspot is somewhere less than 1.5 seconds. It uses a CMS application in its pages to reduce page load and deliver the output expediently.

Features – Marketo vs. Hubspot

Both softwares are experts’ in building marketing strategies through varied channels like the web, email or social media. They have an in-built campaigning module, which helps in nurturing leads and triggering various actions based on events.

They both have the ability to perform monitoring and analysing traffic anywhere in the web or the social media and drop the reports right in front of the user. Another few common features are website monitoring, SEO tool management, lead management, email marketing, marketing calendar, social marketing amongst others.

Only Hubspot has a built-in CRM. It goes by the logic that Customer Relationship Management is incomplete without marketing automations. Therefore, this CRM gets linked to over a dozen sources of information covering phone calls, emails, social media, website and more.

It is acquainted with the pre-sales process prevalent in the organisation, as such, not touching the current processes and trying to make paradigm shifts in the same. It will be easier to be picked by the users straightaway. They have success managers who regularly check in and train the users about new techniques and technologies available every now and then to make Hubspot more successful.

The landing page builder is very easy to use and executives can generate thank you pages, follow-ups, tasks and others in just about 15-20 minutes. Hubspot allows the organisation to work upon the personalization of the views in the website for specific people as set by the same, that too, anonymously. It gives access to specific contents to specific groups of people.

The analytics part is just great which enables high-level and micro-level reporting to show the growth, tasks, contacts etc. The Hubspot is also analytics for email dashboards, which allows the organisation to show open rate and click-through rates to analyse a campaign’s performance.

It will also display which emails are spammed and opt-outs. There is also revenue-reporting tools available which allows better marketing decisions based on activities or channels.

Marketo is more of an advanced tool in tracking website activities. It also has a CRM but not that effective. It can help in reporting anonymous visitors via IP lookup, geo-coding by region, state etc. ‘Making reports is also easier as users can simply copy and ‘save as’ the custom reports in their respective folders.

There is no data warehousing, data mining and predictive analytics and other advanced reporting tools. They add 2 tools to its kitty, named Social Boost and Social Promotions and made them a part their marketing automation suite. With these, users can get more insights with traffic streaming across the web and users can make custom promotions such as sweepstakes, contests, offers and the like.

It comes with a limited pay per click or Google Adwords search engine optimizer.

Security – Marketo vs. Hubspot

Data centres at Marketo are 9 tiered. Data is digitally certified, SLL 3.0/TLS 1.0 encrypted. The data centres boast of SAS 70 Type II certification but do miss out on ISO 27001. They come with a Service Level Agreement of 99.5% applicability and have an HTTPS access to all pages.

Hubspot uptime is 99.99% with the help of TLS 1.2 latest protocols and 2048-bit keys. The Firewall technologies also block attacks before they reach your sensitive data.

Summary – Marketo vs. Hubspot

Marketo is an engagement-marketing platform and Hubspot is an inbound Marketing Software. There is no steep learning curve in Hubspot as it is easy-to-use and if you are looking for larger enterprise solutions, which are customized to your liking, then Marketo, is the product for you.

The customer base of Hubspot is 13000 compared to 3300 of Marketo, such disparity being on mainly the liking of the end consumer. Marketo’s analytics provides deeper insights, but in the end, successful marketing depends on insights only and Hubspot is surely a household name until today.