What is Medical Billing Software


Perhaps you are on the lookout for a robust medical billing solution to optimize collections, automate repetitive billing tasks, verify patients’ insurance coverage, code claims, and submit report on collections as well as rejections. In fact, the best medical billing software is the right investment for your medical facility that is designed to help with billing coding, submission, and following up on claims. The tool facilitates the task of accurate coding of claims to avoid errors. Transitioning from manual claims filing to a medical claims software tool can be the key to increasing your collection rates.

Whether you want to invest in an integrated enterprise resource planning solution or a stand-alone medical billing system, you will find the market brimming with such products. Choosing the right tool that meets the requirements of your medical facility may be a big challenge. You may opt for a simple or sophisticated solution that makes it easier to submit claims, boost collection rates, draw advanced reports, and post payments.

So How Do You Decide Which Software is the Best?

First, it is important to decide whether you need an industry-specific software solution or an integrated suite?

Second, you would want to check what feature you are looking for – core or secondary features, basic or advanced features, or one with hi-end features?

Third, you may want to determine your deployment requirements. How do you plan to deploy the system – in the cloud, on-premise, mobility based, or hosted?

Fourth, you may want to decide whether you are looking for Tier 1, 2 or 3 vendors? What is your target market? Are you a small sized enterprise, startup, or medium-sized company? Here, you may want to match your budget with the cost of the solution.

Fifth, it is important to determine whether you are willing to go with a subscription-based model or one with a perpetuity software license. In order to determine this, it is crucial to understand the number of users and define their roles. What are the potential risks and challenges that may come along the way?

Top Medical Billing Software

  1. Kareo

You are looking for a solution that simplifies the processing of claims and collections. It is here that Kareo can make the billing process easier for small practices and billing companies. The cloud-based solution can simplify the process of patient document storage, patient scheduling, delinquent account management, insurance confirmation, and customized report creation.

The software is best suited for pediatrics, podiatry, family medicine, mental health, and cardiology practices.

  1. NueMD

The best-in class medical billing software, NueMD is a fully loaded solution to simplify the task of patient scheduling & billing and claims management. Enjoy full patient records at your finger tips with the cloud-based tool that is free from the headaches of managing servers, backups, redundancy, and downtime.  Boost your reimbursements and recuperate outstanding claims with the NueMD Billing Services, without worrying about unpredictable collections.

Some of the key capabilities of the medical billing solution include patient portal, on-demand claims info, scheduling and appointment reminders, iOS and Android compatibility, and e-Prescribing and e-Labs

  1. MediTouch

If you are looking for an alternative to your existing medical software, which is difficult to use, is not compatible with third party apps, and does not seem designed for your practice, look no further than MediTouch. The cloud-based electronic health records solution offers complete assistance in managing your medical practice requirements. The easy-to-use EHR and billing solution comes with an integrated collections module, built-in eligibility verification, and dashboard reporting. Designed to handle office scheduling, claims management, and day-to-day task management, MediTouch is integrated with Practice Management, Clearinghouse, and EHR, so you can easily unleash the potential of your medical services.

  1. ChiroTouch

Looking for a sophisticated medical billing tool to meet the complex billing environment for your medical facility? Designed with advanced technology, ChiroTouch offers you exactly what you need to efficiently run your medical practice. It is one solution that you need to be compliant with HIPAA and attain a truly paperless office, empowering your staff to be more efficient. The highly customizable tool for chiropractic services, ChiroTouch helps users automate the system to connect with patients and take care of all things essential in the medical management services. Some of the leading features include CT scheduler, patient management, reporting, and billing, accounting, inventory, claims management, and accounting integration.

  1. PrognoCIS EMR

The fully integrated electronic medical records solution is designed to ensure a smooth implementation of your medical services in this competitive healthcare environment. Whether you are looking for an HER, EMR, or medical billing solution, you will find it all in PrognoCIS, so you can ease your workload, efficiently manage patient records, and improve practice performance while boosting revenue.

Still wondering which medical billing software will be the right fit for your practice? Here at ITQlick, you will get the answer. Come in touch with ITQlick experts today and we will make top software recommendations to answer your concerns, helping you find the right tool for your healthcare practice.