Mhelpdesk Vs. Wintac

Deliver efficient onsite service with field service management software that helps you track requests, manage personnel, communicate flawlessly, and maintain visibility into everyday operations. The right software solution is the answer to the common problems faced by field service management companies, including under-skilled manpower, disorganized communications, and over-scheduled resources.

With the right solution, users are able to automate and manage business operations from one program. The best software efficiently handles reporting, inventory, work order management, and fleet tracking. With an overwhelming number of solutions on the market, you may want to choose between Mhelpdesk and Wintac.

Let’s see how the two systems are different:


Wintac: Automate and manage the business from one program with this cloud-based full-suite field service solution for service technicians, with capabilities to handle a huge fleet of dispatchable units. The solution makes it easier for businesses to conveniently track service customer contracts at every location. This tells you exactly when the contracts are due to expire and the service is due, including the entire service history of any equipment.

The advanced field service management solution is designed to help users view, track, and update everyday schedules in real-time. This ensures that service teams work more efficiently and productively, seamlessly tracking orders and issuing invoices from anywhere.  The solution supports a variety of workflows, including scheduled and unscheduled.

MHelpdesk:  The web-based field service solution is designed to provide complete visibility to field workers in one place. Field agents use their mobile devices to monitor and manage the workforce with an intuitive application.

With customer data, requests, reports, and billing collated in one place, MHelpdesk enables order tracking with great efficiency to field service workers so they can work more productively and issue invoices even when they are working on-site. The powerful software supports both scheduled and unscheduled workflows.

Field technicians can connect with their mobile devices to access information about a job, saving them considerable time that would otherwise be lost in calling back to the main office.


When you are wondering whether to choose Mhelpdesk or Wintac, it might help to look into their features.

Wintac: The feature-rich system comes complete with work order management, scheduling, work history tracking, service tracking, accounting & payroll, customer & lead management, and dispatching capabilities with color-coded dispatching. With a simple, intuitive dashboard, the field service solution can be accessed remotely with the mobile application. The application is primarily used as a business management solution for service contractors.

Mhelpdesk: Compared to Wintac, Mhelpdesk has a higher number of features. Designed to modernize the way field service and technicians work and engage with clients, the powerful software features a payment processor, job tracking, reporting, billing and invoicing, workforce management, calendar management, task scheduling, location awareness, and inventory tracking capabilities. Available on any mobile device connected to the Internet, the tool enables administrators to locate field technicians and assign tasks close to their geographic location to meet the evolving demands of clients.


Wintac: The cloud-based solution is compatible with Windows-based PC configurations. It supports most local area networks. Mobile app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Mhelpdesk: The application is compatible with any Internet-connected mobile device.


Wintac: The application does not support API. It integrates with Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, email, barcoding, popular flat rate pricing programs, and credit card.

Mhelpdesk: It offers an API that supports seamless integration with Quickbooks, Google Maps, PayPal, MailChimp, and Google Calendar.


Wintac: Designed for small to medium size businesses that provide an array of field services, from fuel oil delivery to plumbing. Wintac’s interface serves as a central management point, where field managers and technicians can easily create service schedules.

Mhelpdesk: The field service software is ideal for businesses of all sizes across different industry verticals that manage field services.


Wintac: Pricing packages start from $1,495 per license.

Mhelpdesk: The monthly package starts at $25 per user.

Bottom Line

Successful field service management is critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Poor resolution of issues can cost you a business deal. But with an efficient field service management solution, you can efficiently manage field workers, technicians, customers, and suppliers all in one place.

You may choose either Mhelpdesk or Wintac, depending on your specific business needs. If you still need help to find the best field service solution for you, allow the ITQlick team to come in. We have decades of software experience and pride ourselves on our values, knowledge, and experience. Let us be your guide to finding the right solution for your business. After all, your growth is our business motto. We will help you improve, grow, and succeed.

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