Our Top 4 Distribution Software Solutions for Your Business

Shipping by truck, sea, or air can increase your Total Logistics Cost (TLC) if you have no proper distribution system in place. Delays in one shipment can cause delays in the others creating a domino effect.

Also, without a distribution system in place, your upkeep could be running low and control over logistics issues could suffer immensely. Distribution Software can prevent these problems from occurring and allow your business operations to run more efficiently.

Distribution software can fix logistics issues, improve warehousing and inventory management, organize payment processing, and best of all, increase your sales revenue.

Our experts at ITQlick have compiled a list of our Top 4 Distribution Software Solutions that can keep your TLC costs low and your business running smoothly.

1. NetSuite Distribution

If you’re the company CFO, with NetSuite Distribution you can easily analyze the stats on the dashboard and call your regional distribution operation managers whenever you have concerns. NetSuite is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and it is applicable to businesses with geographically scattered distribution channels.

The system allows you to see the 360-degree view of your wholesale distribution business life-cycle. That is, from orders to packing, shipping to invoicing, and returns to customer support, NetSuite is complete with modules that won’t further extend unexpected delays from days to weeks or even months.

With NetSuite, your deliveries will arrive on target dates and your TLC will always be on a budget.

2. Fishbowl Inventory Distribution

If your distribution operations have largely depended on the services of QuickBooks or Excel over the years, consider upgrading with Fishbowl Inventory Distribution today. Fishbowl integrates easily with these spreadsheet applications so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of implementation.

Fishbowl Inventory is a robust and low-cost solution. This is why ITQlick software experts see it as a perfect-fit solution for mid-sized businesses. It has the Materials, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, and Manufacturing modules that can streamline product distribution across all your networks.

3. Aplicor 3C

Aplicor 3C is a 3-in-1 Distribution Software Solution perfect for your retailing business. With built-in CRM, ERP, and eCommerce modules, you can expect a seamless distribution process of all your merchandise from the shop floor to shopping carts.

Aplicor 3C is designed to better build your relationship with your customers, suppliers, and partners. As a cloud-based system, Aplicor 3C has the capability to connect and share your stakeholders’ information in a relatively fast, secure, and intelligent approach.

4. Geneva Business Management Systems (GBMS)

Wise investors always consider what is right and what is budget-friendly. GBMS pushes you to become like that and much more. GBMS offers a number of business management modules that can be purchased independently or as part of a complete solution. It helps you to become more practical with your software investment.

Aside from the core Distribution and Warehouse Management, GBMS also has Manufacturing, Accounting, CRM, eCommerce, and HR modules. In addition, GBMS consultants are always ready to assist you in defining your business requirements based on your business size and budget.

Think of Distribution Software as a system that alerts you to the stock level, the exact location of the shipment, the distribution outlet that is selling low, and the business unit with swelling TLC, in real-time. This is all possible because modern Distribution Software Solutions already consist of ERP, CRM, Accounting, SCM, and Sales modules that integrate functions of your business operations across all geographic locations. We want you to avoid shipment delays and stay on track with your global distributions. If you want to stay on track with your local and international shipments, deploy a Distribution Software Solution today.

If you wish to see more Distribution Software Solutions, you may also explore our Top 5 Distribution Software for Large Businesses.

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