SAS Competitors – Top 5 (2022)

Top 5 SAS Competitors in 2022 – SAS is the leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics. You can depend on SAS to solve complex problems and manage information assets effectively.

The robust BI tool facilitates visual exploration of data and analytics that are critical to the growth of the company. Despite being a name to be reckoned with in the analytics industry, SAS is seen as a costly option. If you are looking for SAS competitors, this list might come in handy.

5 SAS Competitors

  1. Sisense

Compared to SAS, Sisense comes with an intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly build their own solutions without requiring tech help. The single-stack BI solution is flexible enough to allow data-modeling within the platform.

This means users do not need to go to another platform for the same. Sisense allows users to implement data modeling using standard SQL. This ensures that anyone familiar with SQL can effortlessly use the system.

As a SAS competitor, Sisense provides virtually unlimited customization options. Users can seamlessly enhance existing functionality using Java Script. With Sisense, reports are easy to understand and distribute.

  1. Qlikview

Another leading SAS competitor, QlikView is a highly sophisticated self-service BI for developers. One feature that sets Qlikview apart from the competition is the scripting as per a user’s requirement. You cannot find this feature in many other BI tools.

The software is capable of quickly building complicated models. It comes with an in-memory tool for better insight. Users find it easier to drill down and select information from Qlikview. It is even easier when you have just one tool to manage, install, and configure.

The ease of use, interactive dashboards, and other offerings give Qlikview an edge over SAS, which is comparatively more time-consuming. Additionally, it is easier to implement for users with little to no technical knowledge.

All in all, it does not require a dedicated server and enjoys better IT developer costs and three-year BI ownership cost. With Qlikview, data is compressed before entering it into the memory – one feature you do not find in SAS.

  1. Dundas BI

The enterprise-level BI, data analytics and dashboard software is another tough SAS competitor. The tool is used for building interactive reports, dashboards, and scorecards. It is quite simple to use drag-and-drop feature to explore the Dundas BI dashboard, which enable real-time monitoring of performance and business metrics.

Data can be analyzed from the organization on the dashboard, giving users valuable insight to make accurate decisions. Leverage the web-based, mobile optimized dashboard to add data visualizations, filter, sort, re-visualize, and perform advanced calculations.

With Dundas BI, users can access a range of predefined data visualization configurations. Anywhere, anytime access of dashboards give Dundas BI an edge over most other BI tools. Users do not need any desktop app to create, view, or share fully interactive dashboards.

  1. Tableau

Another SAS alternative, Tableau is a self-service BI tool, which is quick to implement and install. Additionally, it provides a Reader product, so users can view data visualizations & dashboards hassle-free.

The BI tool is easy to integrate with GIS to support visual maps that facilitate location analysis. The easy-to-use tool does not sacrifice depth and is the ultimate tool to visually created reports, though it has some limitations when it comes to dealing with big, complex data warehouses.

The tool comes with best-practice shortcuts for tables for better implementation. Tableau prides itself on being the fastest tool for data connection, in contrast with other solutions.

Additionally, the highly intuitive, drag-and-drop features make navigation a breeze. Users do not need to learn programming or seek technical help to explore the tool.

  1. Birst

Birst is touted to be the only enterprise-level business intelligence solution born in the cloud. It is quite a powerful BI compared to SAS, being an automated end-to-end solution for solving problems – right from data to visualization.

It runs raw data through the ETL so that it becomes analytic ready. Data can be accessed through visual analytic and reporting tools. Solving data analytical problem is a breeze. Users can access information much faster than ever before with any other software.

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