Sharepoint Alternatives


Sharepoint is an integrated suite of applications that facilitates information sharing across boundaries, provides content management solutions, and helps improve business efficiency and processes. The content management and collaboration tool provides the ultimate platform for IT professionals for the administration of the server, application extensibility, and document sharing. But if you are looking for sharepoint alternatives, the following list can come in handy.

  1. Insightly

The customer relationship management platform is designed to organize data collected from different sources, which helps better understand customers and improve relationship with them. Insighlty comes with integrated project management functions and allows tracking opportunities, helping you better management marketing campaigns and facilitate better customer interaction.

Some of its capabilities include calendar management, marketing automation, calendar management, sales automation, and BI integration. An affordable tool to stay in touch with customers, clients, and staff, the user-friendly software helps businesses organize client interactions and keep track of notes, projects, email messages, and milestones.

Compared to Sharepoint, Insightly promises to be a more feature-rich CRM application that comes at a cost-effective rate.

  1. Salesforce

If you are looking for a simple solution to manage and streamline day-to-day customer activities as a Sharepoint alternative, Salesforce is the right solution with customer relationship management capabilities.

The cloud-based CRM software boasts a full suite of features and tools that enables information sharing and collaboration for optimal company performance. With Salesforce, you can better market products or services and follow up on leads.

The customer relationship management solution supports tracking and monitoring of sales and sends out real-time information, so users are always up-to-date. Since it is a cloud-based solution not installed on your computer, users need not worry about making constant upgrades.

  1. Zoho

One of the most popular Sharepoint alternatives is Zoho CRM, which comes with customer support, lead management, inventory management, sales management, and e-mail marketing capabilities. With an intuitive interface, the solution automates and enhances customer relationship processes, captures leads, and tracks sales activities.

Bring all your conversations and interactions at one place with Zoho and engage with customers like never before. The easy-to-use and customizable tool simplifies processes and provides detailed metrics about team’s performance, so users can focus on lead generation and interaction with customers.

The application features a marketing automation module that enables users to target prospects and existing customers. It is a comprehensive sales solution that acts as a repository for contact information and helps analyze sales performance, manage your sales pipeline, and stay in touch with customers.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics

Choosing the right alternative to Sharepoint is a daunting task. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is packed with features to make your choice easier, helping you deliver exceptional customer experience. It comes equipped with sales & marketing, social media, customer care capabilities and supports sales intelligence, helping improve sales and marketing.

Delivering positive customer experience is integral to winning and retaining customers. However, the process of customer engagement should be adaptive across all interactions. With intelligent customer engagement, you can reinforce customer trust & loyalty, while helping sales and marketing professionals become productive.

An effective CRM like Microsoft Dynamics can help improve profitability and organize and automate business processes that nurture customer relationships across all touch points, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

  1. SugarCRM

If your goal is to build extraordinary customer relationships, then you may find SugarCRM as an effective Sharepoint alternative that promises to transform your enterprise. The intuitive application is a fusion of simplicity and mobility and delivers innovative tools to engage with customers and deliver personalized user experience.

Since the highly customizable application breaks down departmental silos, leverage the solution to make every customer relationship extraordinary. SugarCRM enables people at different levels to coordinate and work together to better understand customers and improve their experience with the company all through their customer journey, which helps improve loyalty and business growth.

Additionally, you can track staff performance through its advanced reports. Automated sales and marketing tasks indicate good returns.

Which is the Best Solution?

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