SmartSheet Pricing (2022)

SmartSheet is a Software-as-a-Service-based collaboration tool to manage projects. It is ideal for sales, human resources, marketing, IT, and software development. The ease of use and collaborative file sharing make SmartSheet a popular choice for businesses across the globe. Here is a sneak peek into SmartSheet pricing to give you an idea about the

  • Software Cost
  • Cost of implementation and customization
  • Service providers cost
  • Data migration cost
  • Estimated training cost

SmartSheet Pricing Plans

Individual plan pricing:

Individual plan pricing starts at $14/user/month. Billed annually, the plan features the ability to create 10 sheets, integration with leading cloud productivity apps, card view, attachment reminders, Gantt charts, collaboration tools, and forms.

The individual plan is the right choice for users looking to bring more efficiency and better collaboration in project management.

Team plan:

The team plan comes at $15/user/month. Billed annually, the plan includes 50 sheets per user, besides numerous features, unlimited reports, resource management, integrations, and customized logos and colors.

With all the features of the Individual plan, the package is available for at least three users. It is the ultimate plan to improve team productivity.

Business plan

A business plan is available at $25/user/month. The plan includes 100 sheets per user and is billed annually. This option is available for at least three users. The Business plan is designed for businesses keen to drive execution with automated actions.

The SmartSheet Sight feature helps users summarize and share key work aspects. This includes project status. This plan comes complete with all features of the Team plan. Some additional features of the plan include activity logs, live data connections, and Sights.

Custom Enterprise plan

Custom Enterprise plan offers industry-specific solutions for businesses.  To get a quote on the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the SmartSheet team. The Enterprise plan comes complete with the Business plan features, in addition to enterprise access control. It also features single sign-on capabilities.

All SmartSheet pricing plans come complete with mobile features and support, making collaboration and work management easier.

SmartSheet Cost of implementation and Customization

The cost of implementation could hover around $211,200 over a period of three years. This includes designing and customizing templates. The cost includes an overall estimate of time spent working with the app building business logic, setting up alerts, and customizing the template.

SmartSheet Customer Support cost

The Individual, Team, and Business plan users can access web support features, including technical support over email. Users that opt for the Enterprise plan get access to phone technical support.

SmartSheet Data migration cost

Data migration involves transferring data and databases from one operating app to another. In SmartSheet, data migration is as easy as picking a software migration plan template. Or users may build a custom plan that caters to your project needs and outlines goals, due dates, tasks, and responsibilities.

The cost of product ownership rises when you opt for data migration services. The data migration cost may vary depending on the amount and complexity of data, existing software and gaps between the new system and the present one, and the availability of migration tools.

By seeking data migration services, you are asking for additional services from the service provider, which involves extra costs.

SmartSheet Estimated Training Cost

The collaborator licenses come at no additional cost. Although there is the facility of on-site training, some customers opt for further training. The cost of training takes some factors into consideration, including a number of project owners that require SmartSheet training and the number of training hours.

SmartSheet does provide free online video tutorials, which are important resources to learn the tool and its features.

Internal training costs could be as much as $57,600 over a period of three years.

If you are looking for a tool to improve collaboration at work, improve team productivity, and better manage projects, SmartSheet should be a good option.

However, if you are wondering whether the tool is the right fit for your business and can add value to your organization, please contact the ITQlick team. Our software experts have access to an extensive database and can help you better understand the SmartSheet pricing structure and cost.

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