Start 2022 with Low Cost CRM Software

We know you need it good, nice and cheap

For the new year coming your sales and marketing departments need the support of a software that can help them coordinate and manage all their actions. Now is the time to finally create and manage large prospect lists and design a refreshing approach to them, so that your sales rise. However, we know that if you want to stick to your budget, any new investment has to be carefully assessed, and this usually brings you to the conclusion that your company can’t afford the investment.

Besides, most companies need solutions that require little or no extra IT expenses, a simple yet powerful software than can be run by average users and give the best results in return.  All these requirements make sense because efficiency is the key to peacefully implement new, cross-department solutions for your business.

So … Is there a low-cost CRM solution that meets your needs?

Not only one but several.  And, surprisingly enough, most of them are fully featured and ready to fulfill all your requirements even at their cheapest versions. The four in our list are cloud-based solutions that require nothing but a good Internet connection, and offer integration with most of the software that your company is probably using already for productivity.

Can you imagine you could have access to an amazing CRM Software that allows three people to use it simultaneously … for FREE? Well you should because we have summarized for you the most powerful -yet affordable- CRM Software available today:

Zoho CRM

zohocrmThis is a great option if you are planning to start working on CRM with a small department of three people or less because Zoho CRM offers a FREE version for up to three users under the same account. This free version does not include all the features like the paid version, but it’s packed with enough tools to start CRM and get an idea of the actual power this software can bring to your company. The Enterprise solution (fully featured) is available at a cost of 35$ per month and user. If it were not enough, integration with other software is one of its most remarkable features.


insightly-logoIf you run a small company that is evolving and growing day after day, and treating both employees and customers as your main asset ranks on top of your list, Insightly is probably a great option for you. It is simple, well designed and basic in terms of features. And, most important, it is available for FREE on a limited account (in features, but not in time) for three users. The best part is that if you are convinced and decide to invest on a fully featured plan, prices start as low as 7$ per month and user if billed annually (9$ per month and user otherwise).

Highrise CRM 

highrise crmHighrise is the way to go if you are planning to use CRM Software for an entire department in your company because it is available at the best cost per user. There is also a free plan, limited to only 250 contacts and two users, suitable for testing purposes mostly. But the best deal consists in a fully featured plan at 24$ per month and user, for a group of up to 6 users, and allowing up to 5,000 contacts and 5Gb of file storage.


If your company is looking for simple and social, then Nimble is the answer. It will help you stay organized, but without braking the bank, putting in value all the connections available thanks to social media. The starter level plan costs 15$ per month and user and, despite the fact that there is no free version available, it includes a nice amount of storage per user if we consider the price (5Gb) and up to 30,000 contacts. It is a smart option at the right price.

So if CRM is the New Year’s resolution for your company, we at ITQlick encourage you to try any of  these four solutions without blowing your savings and also to take a look at more great CRM Software.

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