Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone #1 LMS?

Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone – If you are keen to develop a culture of learning, you need the best learning management system to build skills and develop leaders. With the right LMS, you can reinvent how learning has a positive impact on employees.

When each LMS promises to offer the best, how can you trust which solution is the right fit for you? Let’s compare Successfactors Vs. The cornerstone is to see what works best for you.

Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone: The Comparison

Overview – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is used to onboard a talented workforce, manage the learning process, and track employee performance. The software can be used across industry verticals, such as publishing, financial services, and higher education.

Successfactors fulfill the talent management needs of both small and large enterprises. The cloud-based platform works as an integrated suite for workforce management. The cross-industry solution supports scalability for all businesses of all sizes.

Integration – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

SuccessFactors can provide end-to-end integration with different accounting, CRM, and finance solutions. Apart from this, it has an application programming interface that works with most apps. Although the LMS gives you more configuration options, it needs improvement on the integration front.

As a web-based solution, Cornerstone integrates with a range of third-party apps, including LinkedIn and BambooHR, among others.

Interface – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

There is some room for improvement as far as the Cornerstone user interface is concerned. Some users find it complicated and confusing, though reporting features are a plus point. Implementation could be a headache too. Some users have reported problems while making changes, including uploading data or changing dates.

With a simple user interface and responsive design, SuccessFactors provides a personalized experience for users. It is flexible, adaptable, and built around people.

Features – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

Cornerstone can be deployed securely on the cloud. The LMS can accelerate employee performance, engage the workforce, and support the goals of the organization. However, there should be more features to enhance and deliver training.

SuccessFactors boasts time-tested solutions that focus on the execution of goals across a business, providing users with the tools required to place the right people in the right place. It offers top-notch headcount and strategic reporting.  T

heir learning module is meant for compliance training. SuccessFactors HCM Suite gets an edge over Cornerstone Unified Talent Management Suite when it comes to comparing compensation management functions.

SuccessFactors HCM Suite stands out from the crowd, including Cornerstone, in terms of integrated features.

Mobile compatibility – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

Mobile access has become integral to business success. SAP SuccessFactors delivers solutions across a range of channels through mobile applications. This further helps an enterprise act immediately as an opportunity strikes and addresses challenges. This ensures better performance and productivity.  It is compatible with Android and smartphones.

Cornerstone has a mobile responsive platform but it is not compatible with smartphones. Although it is a decent mobile app, updates are made only quarterly.

Unfortunately, after each release, there is a new bug. This means it takes almost 3 months to patch the bug. However,

Vendor Support – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

Cornerstone offers live support, email and phone support, web-based training, and tickets. Better collaboration and communication is the motive behind Cornerstone’s social learning focus.

SuccessFactors offers live support, and phone, and email support. Besides, users can access videos, webcasts, and knowledge bases.

Pricing – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

SuccessFactors is a cross-industry platform that supports and offers three different suites for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, medium businesses, and enterprises with a huge employee base.

The best thing about the LMS is that a small business can test-run the software prior to investing money in it. The trial version can minimize investment risk. Moreover, since it is a cloud-based app with a SaaS delivery model, SuccessFactors does not require technology investment or maintenance. This makes it a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses.

Cornerstone does not publicly declare pricing information.

The number of users – Successfactors Vs. Cornerstone

SuccessFactors has a huge customer base, with more than 180,000 users.

Cornerstone is a global leader in web-based learning, with over 37 million users.

Which is Better: SuccessFactors or Cornerstone?

If you seek a learning management solution to hone skills, maximize potential, and foster better collaboration, you need to make the right choice. Depending on your requirements and the number of users, you can choose between SuccessFactors and Cornerstone.

If you are still wondering about the best LMS for your business, let the ITQlick team help you make a decision in this regard. While each of the LMS has features that give it an edge over the other, we will spend time understanding your exact requirements and then make software recommendations so you can pick the best for your business.

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