Tableau Pricing (2018)

Tableau Pricing
Tableau Pricing

Tableau pricing – Tableau is business intelligence (BI) solution that comes in the form of three different products with unique pricing. This includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server.

It boasts a powerful analytics platform that empowers you easy access to data. Depending on the unique needs of your business, you can select your deployment option. Let’s get a peep into the Tableau pricing.

Tableau Cost of Licenses

Tableau Desktop

You have two options with Tableau Desktop, depending on the type of user, that is, personal and professional. Price includes support and services.

Personal: The basic version for a user costs $35 /month. The system connects to Google Sheets, Docs, and Excel.

Professional: A professional packages costs $70 /user/month. The solution connects to varied sources of data, including databases, files, and web apps.

Tableau Online:

The initial investment in Tableau Online costs $9,000. However, the price goes down to $5,800 per year after the initial pricing. For a five-year period, users need to pay $32,200.

Tableau Server:

The initial cost of Tableau Server is $14,000 and extra $2,800 each in the subsequent year. There is extra cost for configuration. The solution will cost you $25,200 over a period of five years.

Tableau – Cost of Implementation and Customization

Ideally, the cost of implementation and customization is based on business complexity and number of users.

The upfront cost for deploying Tableau Server is $420 compared to $1,000 on a perpetual basis. The subscription pricing model costs $420 in the first year.

If you choose a perpetual payment model, the company recognizes the amount paid during the first year as both license and maintenance revenues. This includes $200 as maintenance revenue, which is charged over the course of the year, and $800 in license revenue.

As you build a data-driven organization, you have a comprehensive solution in the form of Tableau’s analytics platform for every stage of your workflow with predictable licensing costs.

Tableau – Service Provider Cost

Subscriptions give you access to the business intelligence software over a period of time. The subscription license price includes maintenance. This also includes keeping you updated and giving you access to the ongoing product releases. The service provider provides support services for no additional cost.

Available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Tableau pricing depends on the version selected. For Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, you need to pay an upfront, perpetual license fee. For Tableau Online, you need to pay an annual subscription fee for each user.

Free Tableau Reader may be the right choice if you have additional users that do not need to manipulate data. For on-site consulting, Tableau requires you to pay an additional cost.

Users need to pay additional fee for annual upgrade and premium support.

Tableau – Data Migration Cost

If you choose Tableau, additional fees may be required for implementation. This may include the cost for data migration, customization, and special integrations. There is no additional cost for publishing, creating, and sharing data.

There are no hidden costs involved, as users will get a clear picture of the price to be paid upfront.

Tableau – Estimated Training Cost

When it comes to assessing the Tableau pricing, you might be interested in the training cost. Free online training videos are available. There is free live weekly web training available for all users. Additionally, the company provides live online and classroom training without any additional cost.

However, if your staff needs instructor-led in-depth classroom training, you will be charged extra. This means the classroom training cost is not part of the package and may include department training, video training, end-user training, and group training.

Tableau desktop: Qualified Associate: $250 per exam fee

Tableau desktop: Certified Professional: $600 per exam fee

Tableau Server: Qualified Associate: $250 per exam fee

Tableau Server: Certified Professional: $800 per exam fee

Tableau reduces the deployment cost for the best­in-class analytics, giving users the flexibility to purchase what, when, and where.

If you choose to go for a subscription model, you get access to Tableau over a set period. The model is available across all deployment options, from a fully hosted cloud-based solution to on-premises software.

When you choose subscriptions, you get the advantage of a low cost of upfront investment to deploy business intelligence while simultaneously being able to access greater flexibility to scale at your own pace. Subscriptions offer users greater affordability when it comes to scaling the platform.

If you still need to learn more about Tableau pricing, consult the IT experts at ITQlick.  Our software experts can guide you through the comprehensive pricing of different Tableau models and make your task easier.

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