The Best FREE Home Health Software for 2022

The Best FREE Home Health Software for 2022 – The healthcare market is evolving at a fast pace with the dynamic shift from the hospital to the home.

The healthcare staff is responsible for a range of services, including scheduling, admitting and monitoring new patients, claims processing, point of care, documentation, billing, revenue cycle management, administrative management, and payroll processing.

It is here that home health software can fit in. However, when it comes to buying a health software solution, your focus is on ease of use, affordability, overall performance, and customer support. Here are a few free home health software tools:

Best Free Home Health Software


Kinnser is designed with an array of capabilities that your home health agency requires. One of the best cloud-based home healthcare solutions, Kinnser Agency Manager comes complete with customizable fields to take care of billing, invoicing, medication database, and drug interaction database.

Some of the core practice management capabilities of Kinnser include patient records, claims processing, accounting and billing management, patient scheduling, physician scheduling, medical supplier control, patient records, prescription writing, drug interaction database, HIPAA compliance, electronic statements, referral tracking, and remittance advice.


The business of caring in post-acute care environments is a huge challenge in the healthcare sector.  The home healthcare management software is one of the most widely used solutions for businesses of all sizes.

ContinuLink offers a full array of services, including customizable reporting, e-signature, scheduling, and medication database. The ability to seamlessly manage multiple lines of businesses across different locations is a key feature of the software.

The software features a range of practice management services, including accounting and billing, patient and physician scheduling, electronic statements, and patient eligibility. With the home health software, users find it easier to deliver quality care with effective revenue cycle management.

This is one reason, the largest names in home health care sector count on this solution to streamline their operational, clinical, and financial processes.


It is a powerful, user-friendly software system empowering home healthcare units with high productivity and efficiency. The web based home healthcare solution offers an array of services and makes it possible for healthcare units to manage medication database, schedule optimization, Medicare generation, paperless billing, payroll management services, and private insurance claims management.

It is possible to schedule and track patient visits and record mileage and expenses with the Alora software. Users can find the system extremely useful for generating customizable reports, which can help improve system accuracy and productivity. Additionally, the home health software facilitates offline charting.


It was specifically designed as a comprehensive home health management solution for smaller medical offices.

FreeDom works both as a practice management solution and EHR. A user-friendly solution, FreeDom comes complete with an array of capabilities, including billing, reporting, scheduling, electronic records management, and practice management, to streamline your practice.

Brightree Home Health

For better post-acute patient care, you can depend on Brightree.

The healthcare management solution is designed to make home healthcare management an effortless process by automating processes, maximizing compliance, and generating more revenue, while facilitating better patient care.

With Brightree, post-acute providers has the most appropriate tool to take best care of people, without having to manage the complexities of technology. Some of its capabilities including patient portal, medication management, chart management, and reporting.

Brightree enables users to seamlessly connect with referral sources and patients.

Agency Core

The home health management solution comes complete with a range of practice management capabilities. This includes electronic statements, claims management, accounting and billing, patient records, inventory management, patient scheduling, and reporting.

Agency Core also offers billing management services to make accounting easier, such as claims processing, accounting integration, electronic statements, collections management, invoicing, and decision  support.

Patient records, facility scheduling, rules-based scheduling, appointment management, website integration, mobile access, data import and export, document management, and HIPPA compliance are some other features.

Delta Health Crescendo

The cloud-based home healthcare management solution is designed for business of all sizes. Some of the leading capabilities of Delta Health Crescendo include reporting, patient risk assessment, employee scheduling, billing management, and hospitalization risk assessments.

It seamlessly integrates patient information and simplifies workflow, from clinical compliance to financials. With the solution, you can focus on your core capabilities, such as patient care.

Looking for the best free home healthcare software tool? This list gives you a few of the leading health solutions on the market. However, if you are interested to explore more solutions and learn about them, get in touch with the ITQlick experts.

We have the knowledge and database to offer you the best software recommendations so you can get your hands on the best home healthcare solution on the market.

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