Top 5 FREE Point Of Sale Software for 2022

2022’s Top 5 FREE Point Of Sale Software – POS or retail Point of Sale software is designed to make retail operations smoother and easier than ever, from handling inventory to checkouts, merchandising, distribution, accounting, customer management, and point of sale.

Long gone are the days since the cash register was replaced by digital devices to make things easier for retail outlets.

Retail software tools are designed to automate the point of sale, making it easier to update inventory levels and track customer requests and history. This also enables effective management of customer information, which helps boost the bottom line and reduce store inefficiencies.

The POS will come in handy if you manage multiple stores, have an online and offline presence, and manage to the warehouse, storing distribution, and fulfillment.

Free Point of Sale Software

Microsoft Retail Management/Microsoft Dynamics

The point-of-sale software is designed with such capabilities as accounting, marketing, and customer management to make things easier for your retail business.

Microsoft retail management is a viable software tool for small and medium businesses that comes complete with software-as-a-service deployment and on-premise options. Available for a free trial, the software comes in multiple packages to cater to the specific needs of your business.

Cons: For on-premise deployment, Microsoft Dynamics supports the Windows platform alone. It is not compatible with Mac OS based systems.

Amber POS

With a risk-free 15-day trial, Amber POS offers you a full suite of point-of-sale software tools that work as a comprehensive solution for your retail business.

Leverage the power of Amber POS for customer and vendor management and easy sales processing. Designed with single and multi-store capabilities, the windows-based POS is highly customizable and enables users to keep a track of customer data, from purchase history to buying behavior and accounts receivables.

Cons: The solution does not offer any dedicated mobile app for iOS users.

Smartwerks USA

The point-of-sale software provides a comprehensive and integrated retail solution that takes care of different accounting and customer management needs.

Smartwerks USA is one of your best free point of sale solutions to get rid of tedious paperwork. The integrated tool supports multiple users and locations and comes complete with an array of reporting, point of sale, management, and e-commerce features.

Some of the key POS features include customer history, barcode scanning, print receipts, automated inventory, and multiple payment forms, among others.

Cons: There is no mobile-specific application.

Springboard Retail Software

The web-based retail management software ensures a better retail software experience. Springboard Retail is an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and makes things easier for users, starting from item entry to customer lookup.

With this POS system, you have all the tools to seamlessly manage retail operations, including inventory management, point of sale, purchasing, real-time reporting, and integrated payment processing.

Try out Springboard Retail for free. The free point-of-sale software is available for two flexible pricing plans to cater to the specific needs of single or multiple stores.

Cons: The single-store plan only supports 2 users. For an additional user, you will need to pay extra.


The best free Point of Sale software is specially designed for retail outlets and restaurants. It comes with built-in credit card processing features. The easy-to-use application is loaded with POS features to make retail business management hassle-free for users.

Some of the key features include cell phone processing, merchant accounts, equipment leases, and integrated custom gift cards.

Some other features include professional on-site installation, waiting list management, a web-based back office, and menu programming. Many other features can be added for an extra cost.

Cons: The prime focus of the Gotmerchant solution is on payment processing.

Vivonet POS

When looking for a leading POS for your restaurant business, you cannot ignore Vivonet. The point-of-sale solution can take care of all of your retail business management needs.

Whether you run a small or medium business, Vivonet is your key to organizing it on modern lines while taking care of every single aspect.

The best point-of-sale software is designed to help manage accounts and functional aspects and streamline the workflow. Report customization and online payment and shopping, and item performance reports are some of the key features of the POS.

Cons: The software lacks retail accounting, email marketing, inventory management, and payment history features.

Looking for a free Point of Sale software tool? Perhaps you want to get your hands on the best retail business management solution, right? Worry not!

ITQlick experts have the answer. You can rely on our IT experts to make the best software recommendations for your unique business needs. Get in touch with us today to find you the best POS to help your business grow, get better, and maximize value.

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