The Best LMS (Learning Management Systems) for 2018


Looking for a new learning management system to replace your existing LMS? Wondering which LMS would be the best choice for 2017 that can meet your evolving needs? You need a reliable online learning solution to:

  • Automate the testing of learner progress
  • Track analytics to gain insight into the success of program
  • Create curriculum
  • Manage compliance

The best learning management system should give you clear view of things, viz. how often users log into the system, what type of content they check, and how what is their performance in assessments.

The solution should let you run reports on the content and link the same with the user performance. When it comes to choosing LMS 2017, take your target audience into consideration. Make sure the system facilitates better engagement with learners and has tools to encourage return visits.

  1. CornerStone

If you are looking for a system to move beyond the traditional learning management landscape, get your hands on CornerStone. The LMS is designed for businesses of all sizes, offering an array of services related to content development, career tracking, student portal and tracking, course development, collaboration management, and communication.

It is your best tool to foster a culture of social learning, deliver employee compliance training, support organizational goals, and accelerate employee performance. As a productivity management tool, it offers instructor scheduling, report generation & management, and offline work support.

  1. Paradiso LMS

An intuitive e-learning platform, Paradiso LMS 2017 is easy to use and fully customizable LMS that easily integrates with multiple third-party software. The all-in-one integrated training platform is feature-rich, with mobile compatibility, social learning, and gamification functionality, helping corporate houses better train staff.

The e-learning tool provides social walls like Facebook to promote social learning in an informal environment. Additionally, it provides multi-tenant licensing to customers, ensuring that businesses selling eLearning courses get complete control over the learning management functions. Its ecommerce features are easy to access and support auto enrolment, so users can benefit from market training programs online.

  1. Absorb LMS

Looking for an intuitive LMS for 2017? Scalable, configurable, and easy to use, Absorb LMS comes with unique capabilities, including course development, content management, and productivity. The leading LMS software solution is easy to integrate with CRM, email, video conferencing, Active Directory, Legacy System, Google Docs, and YouTube.

With powerful administrative features, it makes learning management simply.  Absorb LMS is designed with reporting capabilities to automate the learning management process, including progress tracking, administrative reporting, real-time reporting, data visualization, customizable reporting, report expiry, and data import/ export.

  1. Schoox

The web-based learning and training management system comes with customized reporting capabilities. Its highly engaging and interactive platform makes it one of the most powerful, scalable learning and knowledge management systems.

Schoox is an instant solution to your training challenges, helping you quickly create, assign, and track courses. The proven trusted LMS 2017 easily fits your work culture, so users can make personalized course suggestions based on skills performance. It makes adaptive learning easier, and the path changes dynamically with the progress of the learner.

  1. Litmos

The web-based training solution makes creation and distribution of courses easier for learners, who can easily access them on mobile or any Internet-connected device. Packed with features, Litmos comes with a neat interface that supports real-time activity feeds, making it useful for businesses of any size.

You can add preferred content in different modules that makes it simple and easily manageable for learners. The learning management system makes it easy to import content to Litmos and export to PDF or Excel.

Customization of the software is easy, so you can use your domain and logo and customize the interface. As a user, you can get real-time reports so you can track and monitor the progress of your training and learning courses.

Looking for the best LMS 2017 application for your business? With a gamut of learning management systems available, it may be an onerous task to find the best one for your unique business needs.

Worry not! At ITQlick, we have done all the research to make this task easier for you, helping you save time, money, and stress. We will make top software recommendations, taking your unique business requirements into consideration, so your enterprise can succeed, grow, and prosper.