The Best Online Time Tracking Software for 2018

The Best Online Time Tracking Software
The Best Online Time Tracking Software

2018’s Best Online Time Tracking Software – Time tracking is indispensable for any business. Online time tracking involves the tracking of time spent on different projects and tasks. With a time tracking solution, users can efficiently manage and structure their time, without the risk of any manual errors. It ensures:

  • Improved scheduling – Allows managers to make better and more informed scheduling decisions, especially with a clear picture in handy about team workloads and availability.
  • More accurate project costing – Helps managers track estimated versus actual time for the successfully and timely completion of tasks. This gives managers a clear idea of project profitability, helping businesses effectively plan future projects.
  • Increased productivity – Enables better tracking of productivity and boosts team efficiency, giving users a clear picture of how they are performing.

With the time tracking software, it is easy to measure and record intervals at which workers perform specific tasks. Ideally managers use digital clock-punching features to track the time taken by workers to complete specific tasks.

Top Online Time Tracking Software

ZEUS Time Management

The scalable time tracking solution helps companies manage cross-company engagement and manage workflows. Offered both as a cloud-based tool and on-premise solution, ZEUS is the perfect time tracker for companies looking to implement cost solutions that ensure effective management and optimization of resources.

There is a secure access control feature for warehouses, labs, factory sites, and cold storage facilities. The cost-effective tool provides support for job & project time recording, which helps improve productivity and efficiency.

It is easy to integrate with other apps, including ERP and payroll tools. Some of the key features include attendance tracking, time tracking, payroll, HR management, online timesheets, and benefits administration.

Cons: There is no option for customization.

Function Fox

The premier timesheet and project management solution is a perfect tool for creative teams. It features time tracking, scheduling, and project management. The time tracking software can help users organize tasks and billing process.

Additionally, the tool gives users a complete control over projects. With Function Fox, users can gain deeper insight into their business activities. A flexible and cost-effective solution, Function Fox features a timesheet with stopwatch timer, QuickBooks integration, expense and project cost tracking, and reporting and project status capabilities.

Cons: The application lacks cycle and capacity reporting tools.


The cloud-based tool is designed with a range of capabilities, such as resource management, expense management, task management, and project budgeting. With Costlocker, users can track project profits and expenses, hours spent, and review performance.

Users can analyze and compare different projects based on project data and group tasks by projects. It is easier to set recurring tasks. The time tracking app provides modules to evaluate costing scenarios, such as cash flow, resource performance, time management, and revenue analysis.

Costlocker manages overhead costs and provides proactive alerting on the completion or exhaustion of project budgets.

Cons: The Costlocker interface is a little difficult to understand for new users.


The time tracking solution comes complete with a pack of features to make it easier to track time spent on different projects. Harvest features an array of capabilities, such as estimating, reporting, time tracking, email notifications, customized dashboard, manual time entry, and security tools.

Users can track time on different devices anywhere anytime and create, customize reports in separate formats. Harvest enables automatic tracking for project hours with timesheets and invoice integration. It is integrated with third-party apps, including Excel and QuickBooks, making it easier to keep record of time spent by employees.

There is a feature to track time simultaneously and separately for multiple projects.

Cons:  The solution does not provide a feature to create an employee database.

WorkTrack Service Management

The time tracking tool is designed to simplify management of a business. With WorkTrack Service Management, users find it easier to follow up on orders. Some of the key functionalities of the tool include work tracking, asset management, customer support, and other important management functions.

The tool can help you bring in efficiency and accountability in your service business. With the WorkTrack Service Management software, users do not need an extra app for managing projects or service activities. It is the best tool to enhance the speed of order and payment processing.

Its mobile support feature enables users to work with images and seamlessly carry out management tasks. The tool is highly scalable and grows with your business.

Cons: The support team is not available 24/7, which means customers cannot reach out for help all the time.

Still wondering which time tracking tool is the right choice for you? Well, ITQlick experts can guide you through the challenging task of finding the best time tracking solution that can make it easier for you to manage different tasks on time.