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Distribution software is critical to running your business operations more efficiently. The solution can fix logistics issues, besides helping warehousing and inventory management, and payment processing, all of which combine to lower your total logistics cost and improve your revenue and bottom line. With an influx of distribution solutions on the market, you might find it challenging to find the right solution. Here is a list of top vendors:


The software-as-a-service distribution management solution gives you a 360-degree view of your wholesale distribution activities, from picking, packing to invoicing and shipping. Complete with inventory management, eCommerce, POS, and customer management modules, NetSuite promises timely arrival of deliveries and lower total logistics costs, so you are always on budget. It is an end-to-end retail solution that comes with integration capabilities with QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

Epicor Distribution

A cutting-edge distribution management solution, Epicor comes complete with warehouse management, supply chain management, financial management, customer relationship management, and business intelligence capabilities, besides planning & scheduling modules. The software streamlines the supply chain by identifying non-value-added activities and eliminating the same. With Epicor, product delivery is done in time and quality assurance is guaranteed.

FishBowl Inventory

An ideal distribution software tool for businesses that have been dependent on Excel or QuickBooks, Fishbowl Inventory is easy to integrate with spreadsheet apps and ensures accuracy and convenience while eliminating the hassle of dealing with implementation complexity. Designed with purchasing, sales, manufacturing, and accounting modules and barcoding technology, FishBowl can streamline the distribution of products across a range of networks and track numerous products across warehouses.

ADS Distribution

A fully integrated solution for wholesalers, ADS Solutions Distribution comes complete with inventory control, finance, invoicing, CRM, and purchasing capabilities, making it easier to manage wholesale distribution activities. Additionally, with its e-retail, eCommerce, and Internet catalog modules, it is easier for wholesalers to seamlessly conduct online business operations.  With the distribution management solution, customers and external sales staff can access inventory status in real-time, place orders, or view pricing through the Internet.

Apprise ERP

Get real-time insights into business activities with Apprise ERP – a fully integrated consumer goods distribution management solution, that helps you manage all of your supply chain processes. The software features import management, logistics, warehousing, customer portal, analytics and reporting, financials, and business intelligence capabilities. Forecasting and distribution resource planning is easier with Apprise ERP. The solution is tailored to address the unique distribution needs of users, who can benefit from its point of sale integration and product lifecycle management capabilities.

SAP for Wholesale Distribution

SAP distribution software solution is designed to help businesses find a solution to real-time issues in these times of the evolving IT landscape. The comprehensive distribution solution simplifies inventory management and order-to-cash management, harmonizes multiple processes, streamlines financial processes, and helps boost operational efficiency and profitability of a business, reducing production cost and improving cash flow.

Inform Distribution Software

If you are looking for a distribution management solution that combines all everyday operations related to inventory and accounts, Inform Distribution software can come in handy, helping improve inventory management while automating the workflow. Designed with various modules, Inform helps improve managerial tasks and combines back-end and front-end functions to enhance efficiency and boost sales.

Aplicor 3C

The distribution software comes complete with CRM and ERP functionalities, helping users enjoy a seamless distribution process, from floor to shopping carts. The timely distribution of products ensures better relationships with customers and suppliers. Aplicor 3C is designed to connect and share stakeholders’ information quickly and securely. Additionally, it comes with marketing professional tools, helping users optimize conversions and turning leads into sales.

Abas Distribution

An ideal distribution management solution for small and medium businesses, Abas Distribution features reporting, core inventory management, warehouse management, procurement management, purchase scheduling, and financial management capabilities. This facilitates the task of quality control, customized reporting, inventory optimization, and purchase management. It is easy to integrate with CRM and ERP solutions. Abas Distribution offers an array of manufacturing services, including cost management, bill of materials, and manufacturing scheduling & planning.


The highly scalable distribution software is designed with CRM and business intelligence to help users manage a number of stores. ECiMaytech is specially designed for janitorial, and sanitation businesses, helping automate back office operations, including inventory, accounting, and order management, so you can smoothly run business operations, lower operating costs, capture leads, and improve revenue.

Wondering which distribution management software is the best investment for your business? ITQlick experts can help you discover the right software that offers the best pricing and can cater to your specific needs. Whether you already own a distribution software tool or are looking for a new one, we can prove to be your trusted resource and help you improve, succeed, and grow in whatever you do.

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