Top 10 Lead Management Solutions


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Lead management is a critical process employed by businesses to generate new business. A lead management system is designed to help businesses track and optimize the entire sales process to improve your sales pipeline. Gleanster Research reveals that legitimate prospects only make 25% of leads in a sales pipeline.

The time-saving tool enables your sales team to weed out genuine buyers from the crowd of visitors that are just sifting through pages. Gleanster Research reveals that legitimate prospects only make 25% of leads in a sales pipeline. With a lead management tool, you can easily reach out to interested buyers. The application offers you an automated way to track qualified leads and nurture them enough to convert into sales.

1. Salesforce

The intuitive application is designed to help you manage your leads in a structured, systematic manner. Make smarter decisions with Salesforce to make your marketing efforts more effective and maximize your company’s bottom line.

The easy-to-use lead management software enables you to manage leads from click to close and track all relevant activities to convert leads into sales. Set up automated lead scoring and routing to assign leads to the right sales representatives, ensuring leads never fall through cracks.

Cons: It may take some time to get used to the system, which is full of features. The setup could be made more intuitive for ease of use for beginners. As you get familiar with the system, using it is a breeze.

2. InfusionSoft

If you are looking to put your lead management on Auotpilot, InfusionSoft should be your undisputed choice.  The robust lead management solution provides you with a way to track leads and monitor their activities and interests.

The tool enables you to customize your message to each of them in order to meet their specific needs and get an edge over the competition. Quick to set up, InfusionSoft is easy to get up and running, so you do not have to wait for long to evolve the sales and marketing automation of your company.

Cons: Since the system offers more functionality and features compared to a customer relationship management tool, it is little difficult to master for an amateur. It gets easier to use with practice.

3. Act-On

Lead conversion into buyers is the immediate goal for any business. A robust lead management solution can serve the purpose well, helping turn prospects into buyers. Act-On is one such proven solution to capture and nurture leads and improve revenue opportunities.

The tool helps keep your brand front and center with prospective buyers so that there are fewer lost opportunities. Automated email programs offered with the system are designed to engage your prospects based on their behavior, preferences, and activities.

Cons: Reporting feature could be improved to make the functionality even more flexible.

4. SugarCRM

With a robust lead management system like SugarCRM, you have a tool to efficiently manage a prospect database. Packed with powerful features, SugarCRM is designed with out-of-the-box capabilities to offer you increased value of your sales funnel.

By using the tool, you can automatically capture prospect data and actions. New leads hold the potential to your company’s future revenue, and a feature-rich tool like SugarCRM can help your sales team convert more leads into sales.

Cons: Sometimes the application becomes too slow to load, which slows down the entire process. It takes a while before the system is up and running once again.

5. Marketo

One of the industry-leading lead management solutions, Marketo is designed with highly functional capabilities to help your sales team form and preserve engaging customer relationships. The complete marketing suite has tightly integrated features to help you convert prospects into buyers and thus achieve success and grow your business.

Easy to integrate with third party applications, the lead management software comes with an automated campaign builder that provides greater flexibility compared to its competition.

Cons: The in-depth and detailed design of the product may make functionality overwhelming. It could be made little more intuitive for beginners to easily use the product.

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