Top 10 Non-Profit Software for Your NPO


A number of software products are clamoring for a top position in the market. However, not all are equally efficient to be the choice for non-profit organizations to grow, manage, and streamline their day-to-day operations. Here is a list of top non-profit software that promise to meet the unique needs of these organizations:

1. NeonCRM

A cloud-based system, NeonCRM is designed to help non-profit organizations in the efficient management of processes. The software features integrated communication tools and donation forms for the non-profit’s website.

This facilitates the task of online fundraising, providing non-profits with all the tools required to streamline processes, reduce data entry, and raise more money.

However, some work needs to be done on the fundraising built-in reports feature, which is limited compared to other systems. All in all, it is a robust software solution for non-profits, which may take a bit of practice to master.

2. DonorPerfect

When you are wondering how to choose non-profit software from the clutter, it is better to do your own research. Our research rates DonorPerfect as one of the top solutions to track your donations and fundraising efforts.

The tool facilitates communication with members and volunteers and collects the incoming information in a centralized location, where it analyzes and utilizes the date. It is available both as an on-premises and online solution.

However, there are limited templates within the system, which is a limitation that keeps most users from using DonorPerfect. The system does not allow users to delete sections not used in the main donor page.

3. eTapestry

One of the most popular non-profit software solutions in the market, eTapestry is an affordable tool to keep a track of and manage fundraising needs. The best part about this system is the automated backup feature that instantly secures each activity, ensuring loss of no information. It’s a great option for startups.

The software should be little more intuitive for ease of use.

4. Kindful

A tool designed to simplify donor management, Kindful is easy to integrate with third-party systems. With a sleek, intuitive interface, the system is easy to use and maneuver around.

The automated update feature enables real-time tracking of each change in the donor status. Donor profiles have all the important information, such as partner details, donor’s contact details, and total donations by the donor.

Kindful lacks some features on offer by other similar non-profit software systems; however, they are constantly making improvements and adding new features.

5. Salsa

A fully integrated, cloud solution for non-profit marketing management, Salsa makes it easy for non-profits to consolidate fundraising campaigns, send mass emails, and organize outreach efforts.

It allows you to automate and systematize tasks, from email autoresponders to subscription sign-ups and donor tracking, thus enhancing fund-raising efforts.

The system requires some form of coding knowledge to utilize the best features of this program. Nevertheless, the automated processes make donor tracking easy.

6. Non-profitEasy

Designed for non-profits, Non-profitEasy gives you the tools required to manage stakeholder relationships in a centralized location. The cloud-based solution streamlines fund-raising efforts for small and medium-level non-profits. It is built around a range of integrated core modules to help simplify operations and manage interactions.

The system should be little more intuitive to facilitate navigation. However, once you have mastered the tutorials, using the site is a breeze.

7. Denali Fund

A robust accounting software product, Denali Fund features a host of accounting options to facilitate fund management for non-profits.  It includes a donor tracking feature that enables non-profits to keep track of donations, enter pledges, and maintain complete transparency.

The interface allows customization of fund calendars. It facilitates encumbrance transactions, allowing non-profits to keep a specific amount of funds for known expenses.

It is not easy to customize standard reports unless you hire a techie to produce reports or undergo training to do so. Once you understand the nuisances, the system is easy to use.

8. DonorPro CRM

The non-profit software comes with a suite of applications that facilitate donor and volunteer management and outreach. The web-based solution offers unique features to enable tracking of member records, streamline operations, and increase donations. Its powerful query tool enables customized search on multiple fields through donor records.

The software requires little knowledge and training to get started. But since it is a powerful system, users find it useful to become versed with the system for greater benefit.

9. StarChapter

Easy to use, StarChapter is a user-friendly solution that facilitates management of all fund-raising activities, including tracking of membership data and donor records, facilitating communications among members, and helping plan and organize meetings and events.

Customer service is good, but more complex problems are often referred to the developer team, which delays the whole process.

10. The Databank

The web-based CRM database system features a suit of web applications and consolidated tools that enables users to manage, track, and expand relationships with activists, donors, members, and volunteers. The Databank facilitates the task of tracking donors, managing finances, and facilitating communication through email, social media, and text messages and integrates with any website.

The reporting system is little too clunky, which makes it difficult to navigate through the data. This makes it difficult for new users to seamlessly use the system.

Still wondering how to choose non-profit software? Let the experts at ITQlick guide you through our experience and knowledge.