Top 3 Ticketing Software for Your Next Event (2022)

Top 3 Ticketing Software for Your Next Event (2022) – Customer support is integral to a business. Besides addressing customer queries, the best ticketing software is your key to keeping customers and employees happy, saving time and money for the business.

But the influx of ticketing solutions can make you feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the best ticketing software.

Leverage the power of a help desk solution to maintain a positive relationship with customers, create insights, and generate leads.

What is Ticketing Software?

With a ticketing software tool, you can sell event tickets across a range of channels. Event ticketing software solutions support different sales channels. Ticketing software makes buying or selling tickets a breeze across any connected platform.

With the ticketing solution, there is a high potential for improved sales. It is easier to send promotional offers to customers by email or through social networks. This helps improve your sales and revenue potential.

You can receive prompt feedback on your services through social network sharing and custom ticketing sites. This can help you build a better relationship with customers and create buzz around events.

Top 3 ticketing software


With a goal to connect the world through unforgettable experiences, Universe brings to you the best ticketing software that allows users to manage online events and sell tickets online. It is easier for users to promote brands.

The on-demand social ticketing software has all the tools you need to promote brands and launch an event.  With Universe, users can seamlessly create and customize a beautiful landing event page to enchant attendees, convert visitors into event attendees, sell tickets on your website, and bring your event to life. On top of it, you can do it on your event page, without being redirected to the Universe website.

Additionally, the feature-rich Universe enables users to scan QR code tickets at the entrance, manage attendees, swipe credit cards to manage payment, and track real-time sales.

Featuring a range of payment methods, the Universe ticketing software enables users to create customized advertisements. The software can generate sales reports, detect ticket scanning errors, and manage events and visitor traffic. The universe comes with advanced ticketing capabilities to customize checkout and manage attendees, besides flexible pricing and electronic ticketing features.


The cloud-based ticketing software is your key to simplifying the business of selling live events. With Vendini, users can manage an array of procedures to sell tickets, track patrons, manage event logistics and box office, take donations, and promote events.

The all-in-one box office management solution gives users complete control over box office ticket sales, making ticket selling a seamless process. With the Vendini ticketing system, users can directly sell from their existing website or where customers are.

It is one platform that gives you the right tools to cultivate patrons and form long-lasting relationships. Vendini is one of the best ticketing software to promote your business, manage to fundraise, cultivate relationships, and drive growth.

The software helps users sell tickets, manage membership, and accept donations from any device. With Vendini, users can effortlessly handle huge ticket orders.

Not only this, the ticketing solution comes with multi-payment options, so users can make invoice adjustments without any hassle. One feature that sets the ticketing app apart is that it can track and make member profiles, which makes it easier for users to identify loyal members and offer fitting rewards.

Additionally, the software helps create tailored fundraising reports and support fundraisers and donation management.


The online ticketing solution is designed to facilitate the task of ticketing. ThunderTiX offers you a single platform to manage all ticketing-related issues. With the intuitive ticketing software, users can promote events, sell tickets, collect donations, and do full service of a ticketing service by phone.

The software is your ultimate ticketing solution to manage box office and reserve seating. With ThunderTix, users can harness the power of marketing resources through integrated mass email, social media, and analytics tracking to best manage time.

ThunderTiX is one of the best ticketing software for your service business to manage and sell a high volume of tickets. Some of the features that set the ticketing solution apart from its competitors include such capabilities as barcode tickets & scanning, real-time email alerts, post-event surveys, season packages, and general & reserved seating.

Still, looking for an online ticketing solution that can take away the hassle of online booking and event planning and save you time?

At ITQlick, we can help you find the best ticketing software for your services. Leverage the power of our team of IT experts to get your hands on the right solution that can make things easier for you and help you improve and grow your business.

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