Top 5 Applicant Tracking Software for Large Businesses


Recruitment is an important requirement for any organization, but even more so for large businesses. This is because with complex and varied operations running in multiple sites, it becomes even more critical to ensure that the right people are chosen to perform the required business operations.

Thus having a comprehensive applicant tracking system that can handle the entire recruitment process from definition, identification, review, and selection is important to ensure the right talent is brought on board, through which a large business can obtain a significant return on its investment.

Therefore in order to recommend solutions to large businesses at ITQlick we have looked at a number of key factors in numerous applications. First we have evaluated the software for implementation and integration requirements.

Then we have looked at the scope of functionality provided and how well it fits to the need of a large business, as well as its ease of customization to meet new business needs. We have also considered pricing and technology investment, as well as reviewed how well it handles multi-site requirements. Some of our key software selections include the following.

1. HRM Direct

This solution is suited for large businesses that require a focused applicant tracking system which can be integrated to their existing software infrastructure. The HRM Direct is built on a collaboration platform to share applicant information in order to improve recruitment decisions and reduce selection timeframes.

In addition it supports multiple jobs posting facilities and screening services for identification and validation of potential candidates. As a cloud based solution it is a straight forward solution to utilize with a low investment, but gives large businesses the flexibility to map the system to its recruitment requirements.

2. SuccessFactors

For large businesses which either have SAP or are planning to utilize it in the future, Successfactors is a good option as its HR solution is built on the SAP platform. It utilizes the SAP JAM collaboration platform for applicant information sharing and can scale for growing businesses as well.

Additionally there is a free product trial to determine a fit with requirements, as well as support for mobile device access by candidates. Large businesses can also benefit from the integration of the applicant tracking system to both workforce planning for mapping of recruitment requirements, as well as succession planning to meet new roles which cannot be addressed from within the organization.

3. Kronos Workforce Ready

This product has a Talent Acquisition module which offers both online and mobile portals for candidates to access and apply for job requirements. It is integrated to both social media and job boards, but also provides a number of centralized dashboards to monitor applicant selection progress based on job roles and priorities.

Kronos also supports pre-screening & behavioral assessments, online testing, as well as background validation & interview management to streamline the recruitment process. The product can be scaled to meet business growth and provides workflow customization to meet business needs.

For large businesses that are looking at utilizing an applicant tracking system in a variety of industry settings, Kronos offers a good option that can be easily integrated to a company’s existing software infrastructure.

4. Epicor HCM

For large businesses looking to consolidate on a single enterprise platform, Epicor HCM is a good option as it covers the basic features of applicant tracking. This is provided as part of its Candidate Connect module which includes an online portal to browse job requirements, upload resumes & qualifications, as well as monitor application status.

However the product does not provide extensive support for screening & validation services and is more beneficial as a simple candidate selection tool. For large businesses more focused on the enterprise application suite and not on the need for a comprehensive applicant tracking system, Epicor HCM provides a worthwhile option to consider.

5. Criterion HCM

This is a cloud based solution that integrates applicant tracking as part of its core portfolio of HR offerings. The product includes an online job portal to handle postings and allow candidates to browse requirements and apply for matching jobs. Additionally there are workflows to manage the recruitment process to ensure proper evaluation, validation & screening, as well as approval by the relevant authorities.

Criterion HCM also ensures a tight integration with HR for new hires to ensure proper onboarding & staffing. At the same time integrating resource requirements with the applicant, tracking job posting rules. For large businesses this solution balances the needs for an integrated solution, reasonable investment and scalable functionality to address resourcing requirements.