Top 5 Applicant Tracking Software for SMBs


Applicant Tracking software is designed to help companies manage their recruitment process. It usually includes job role definition & posting, handling of applications, resume reviews, candidate search, profile identification, interviews & appraisal management, as well as final selection for job assignment.

For companies this is an important part of their resource management function as identification and selection of key talent is pertinent to ensure the successful delivery of their business strategy.

At ITQlick we have reviewed a number of different solutions to help SMBs in selection of an appropriate applicant tracking system. Some of the factors that we have considered include how robust the functionality available in the system is for tracking applicants, and how flexible it is to adapt to changing business requirements.

Additionally we checked what the software requirements are and the type of technology needed to implement the solution. Finally we reviewed how easy to use the software is and how cost effective it will be to integrate with an SMB’s current infrastructure. Some of our main recommendations include the following.

1. HRM Direct

This is a cloud based applicant tracking solution. HRM Direct allows SMBs to manage the complete process including profile definition, posting & selection, as well as integrated background screening & compliance to validate a candidate’s profile.

There is a collaboration platform to support the recruitment process, as well as onboarding to ensure new recruits are properly introduced to company policies, job requirements and responsibilities.

This is a good solution for SMBs looking for a specialized application with minimal investment, as well as dedicated customer support to enhance their application productivity.

2. SuccessFactors

Successfactors offers an HR solution that is scalable for SMBs to handle enterprise requirements in line with business growth. As a SAP company this product also gives SMBs the ability to expand to other functional areas in the SAP portfolio if needed, which is a nice added advantage.

The applicant tracking module includes integration with social media for job posting, onboarding, workforce planning & succession planning. The software also leverages on the SAP JAM collaboration platform to allow more effective & quicker recruitment decisions.

This software also offers a free product trial, so SMB’s can test it to their needs. Finally it supports mobile device access of the application for both potential candidates as well as recruitment personnel.

3. FinancialForce HCM

FinancialForce HCM is another cloud based HR solution which includes recruitment for companies.  This module covers the applicant tracking process, including job posting on numerous job boards & social media, electronic offer & acceptance letters, as well as employee referrals for relevant positions.

There is an online portal which can also be accessed via mobile devices for candidates to review jobs online & upload resumes. The portal also allows recruiters to analyze the candidate database, in order to contact potential hires based on their qualifications. Additionally the system supports onboarding to align new hires with business strategies and role responsibilities.

The ability to enable recruiters to improve the quality of candidate selection and talent recruitment, makes FinancialForce HCM a good option for SMBs looking for a reasonably priced HR solution with a full featured applicant tracking system.

4. TribeHR

This is a solution which is focused on SMBs and offers companies a free product trial. TribeHR supports easy integrations to a variety of third party applications. Its recruitment module covers the full applicant tracking process with social media integration, a customizable applicant portal for job posting & resume review, applicant review workflows to aid in recruitment decisions.

Also included is a repository for candidate information such as references, interviews, appraisals and testing to aid in decision making. The key advantage of this software for SMBs is that it offers different packages to support the size of the recruitment office from an individual to teams. This is a good option for SMBs looking for a configurable solution.

5. Sage HRMS

As a fully enabled HR system, Sage HRMS offers SMBs a Recruiting & Onboarding module which includes a Talent Management module to develop candidates once they are hired. The Applicant Tracking system is customizable and integrates with numerous job posting sites.

The applicant tracking system also includes background verification services, as well as provides intelligent searching facilities to identify relevant candidates. There is an automated correspondence service. Also featured is comprehensive reporting to analyze recruitment effectiveness and return on investment.

Additionally SMBs can benefit from a scalable solution to meet their full HR needs as a well as a choice of applicant tracking packages with features based on their requirements.