Top 5 CRM Help Desk Software for SMBs

CRM software for a company looks at different aspects of the customer engagement process to ensure that they can maximize service satisfaction and optimize revenue realization where possible. One aspect of this solution is the provision of a help desk that seeks to address customer complaints, inquiries, service & maintenance issues, as well as product problems.

It is well known that those companies which are rated higher for service response with a more effective help desk are generally those that can build a stronger reputation for excellence, which naturally follows to more loyal customers as well as a greater chance for future customers as well. For this reason, we at ITQlick see the selection of a help desk solution for SMBs as a critical requirement in any company’s customer focus strategy.

Therefore to ensure a good selection of vendors that SMBs can choose from, our software experts at ITQlick have reviewed numerous solutions considering some important factors.

This includes the scope of helpdesk functionality, communication methods with customers, extent of service quality & agent reviews, as well as how integrated it is with CRM and other available software infrastructure.

In addition, the investment needed for technology & licensing was considered with emphasis on the return on investment, as well as how easily the software can adapt to changing business requirements. Based on this review we are confident that the following choices can greatly help SMBs with their helpdesk needs.

1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, service is one of the four main customer focuses which include sales, marketing & social collaboration. The service desk component is set up to address customers on a variety of channels which include voice, chat, web, and even social media.

Additionally, customers can access a knowledge base to review recommended solutions for commonly raised issues, and there is automated routing to appropriately qualified agents when required thereby reducing resolution timeframes.

The service desk incorporates Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure service performance targets are met, as well as utilizes a social collaboration network for customer engagement and improved service. This is a good solution for SMBs looking for extended features and easy integration with scalability options as well.

2. NetSuite CRM

Netsuite CRM supports customer self-service portals with knowledge bases to address customer issues, as well a ticket management system to track issue progress. The product allows mapping of business process requirements to workflows, and includes analytics to monitor & inform support & service metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, agents are able to obtain the full customer history to better analyze and recommend solutions thereby giving more personalized service. Netsuite CRM also benefits SMBs by integrating help desk agents with sales & service to provide more up-sell & cross-sell opportunities with customers.

3. Creedenz CXM

Creedenz CXM is a CRM solution that is focused on SMBs with its helpdesk product provided as part of its customer support module. It supports self-service portals for issue tracking & management, and also includes SLAs to manage service performance against KPIs.

There is also Return Material Authorization or RMA for products that need to be returned by customers due to service issues. Creedenz CXM is a good choice for SMBs looking at a fully customizable solution with easy integration options to third-party software.

4. Saleslogix

Saleslogix provides customers with a comprehensive CRM solution. The product supports extensive analytics to gain valuable insight into service team performance, resolution timeframes, and customer satisfaction. In addition, it has a speed search facility to find appropriate solutions for raised issues, as well as customer histories to review related service problems as well.

Customer service can handle ticket management, service contracts, and product defect management as well. A good point for SMBs is its tight integration with the other aspects of the CRM solution to allow agents to review payment & product shipments, credit history as well buying patterns to mine for sales opportunities.

5. SalesOutlook CRM

This CRM solution is focused on SMBs and is tightly embedded with Microsoft Outlook with sales, marketing & service modules. The important selling point of this software is its ease of use and the fact that it extends Outlook to meet customer engagement requirements.

Its customer service feature is focused on ticket management & response time tracking and integrates easily to the CRM data repository for customer management and history. For SMBs looking for a simple-to-use solution that can handle basic help desk requirements for a reasonable cost, then SalesOutlook CRM is a worthwhile option to consider.

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