Top 5 CRM Software for Large Businesses


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation stone of any business that relies on maintaining and continuously expanding his customer base. CRM software solutions are one of the most important tools that have been assisting companies of all shapes and sizes in customer relation activities such as marketing, sales, customer support, and data analysis as basis for client retention strategies aimed at creating stronger product loyalty and enhancing future sales.

At ITQlick we understand that for large businesses customer management and engagement is key to their success as without them they would not have grown so rapidly. This is why we look to recommend the best CRM solutions that can be used by large businesses, combining factors such as supporting major functionality, ease of use and management, and adaptability to ever-changing requirements. With this in mind, we have reviewed a number of CRM solutions that are available on the market, and would like to recommend the following tools for large businesses:

1. Salesforce is a cloud based solution provided on a per user subscription basis with a free trial period. It is one of the highest rated CRM solutions on the market and has as customers some of the largest enterprises in different industry sectors. It has a rich portfolio of solutions that include Sales, Service, Marketing and Social Collaboration features. In addition, the system’s Data Analytics module allows tracking customer buying patterns and behavior, as well as providing insights which can be used to optimize continuous sales targeted at these specific customers. There is also a development kit that allows creating business specific apps, and an app exchange for purchasing new apps that may fit your specific needs. This is a suitable product for companies looking for comprehensive CRM functionality that can adapt to a large business’s requirements.

2. SugarCRM Enterprise

This product is suited for large enterprises interested in effective collaboration between large teams, while integrating sales, marketing, and customer service. Its features include Social Selling, Workflow Management, and Customer Data Aggregation to improve engagement prospects. There are also self service portals and knowledge bases for improved customer service, as well as multi channel marketing campaigns and lead development. SugarCRM can also be easily customized and integrated with several third party applications. As a cloud-based solution with a subscription model, it is a good option for a large enterprise looking for a powerful CRM tool that is focused on customer insight and information collaboration aimed at ensuring successful customer engagement.

3. Base CRM

Base CRM is a scalable CRM solution for any size of business that offers sales and customer management, lead tracking, and email marketing, along with reports and data analytics. It is mobile device access ready and includes a free product trial. Another interesting feature in Base CRM is it’s management module that integrates both incoming and outgoing calls. It is offered as a cloud based solution with pricing packages consisting of different features based on customer requirements. With that said, it does not support easy integration to other third party solutions, which might be a problem for companies looking to integrate CRM to their existing software infrastructure.

4. BPMonline CRM

BPMonline CRM provides an integrated solution that combines CRM with Business Process Management (BPM), thus offering added benefit to large businesses that need to design business processes that meet their specific requirements, incorporate best practices and map them to the CRM module to improve productivity and customer engagement. Its features include lead and customer management, sales and marketing management, social collaboration, knowledge management, and data analytics. This solution is cloud based and mobile device access ready. A free trial is version is available.

5. Black Ice CRM

Black Ice includes customer management, sales and marketing, supplier and inventory management, project management, and document management. Additional functionality supports customer service management, asset management, data analytics and dashboards, and e-commerce integration. Black Ice is offered as a cloud based solution with different editions, each offering selections of modules that companies can choose based to their requirements. Black Ice CRM is well suited for large businesses that are interested in an enhanced CRM solution that supports additional functionally other than CRM, without the full array of an ERP suite.