Top 5 Distribution Software for Large Businesses


The distribution management process applies to several major business functions of many distribution companies, such as finance, inventory and supply chain management, sales and purchase, as well as shipment and fulfillment. Distribution management is considered as a separate discipline due to the unique nature of the distribution industry.

Essentially, it requires optimal ordering, stocking and selling goods for ensuring that customer demand is met while minimizing storage costs by avoiding slow moving or dead stock. This is why distribution software is increasingly being offered as an enterprise solution that automates all the main requirements of this sector.

We at ITQlick understand that large businesses have diverse distribution requirements that span across multiple operations and industries. We realize that a distribution management solution for large companies needs to be comprehensive yet still flexible to the ever changing market requirements.

With this in mind, in our review we have considered factors such as functionality scope, software accessibility ,required technology investments , compliance with current and future requirements, and scalability to business operations growth. After reviewing several distribution management solutions, here are some of of our best recommendations.

1. Epicor Distribution

Epicor Distribution is scalable with specialized solutions for several industry verticals, and is offered as both a cloud-based and an on-premise solution, and mobile device access ready. It supports inventory management and replenishment, advanced demand planning and forecasting, multi-level orders and costing methods, as well as product assembly and kit requirements per industry standards.

Epicor Distribution is mobile device access ready and supports eCommerce integration as well as collaboration portals for customers and suppliers with data analytics and dashboards. Another benefit for large businesses is that Epicor Distribution supports multiple languages, global implementations, and numerous worldwide standards and regulations, offering them a truly adaptable solution for international and global businesses.

2. SAP Distribution

SAP is the leading provider of enterprise solutions in the market that offers a feature rich distribution solution for a variety of industries. Its functionality includes procurement, supply chain planning and execution, finance and resource management, and revenue optimization.

SAP Distribution also supports demand planning to ensure the right inventory product mix while ensuring optimal cash flow. SAP is available both as an on-premise and cloud-based solution with mobile apps for mobile device access. SAP Distribution offers a powerful option for large businesses that want to leverage on SAP’s enterprise offerings.

3. NetSuite Distribution

NetSuite Distribution is another leading ERP application provider which offers primarily cloud based solutions. It includes procurement, inventory and fulfillment management, order processing, shipping and logistics, and sales and service automation.

NetSuite Distribution has integrated financial management options and eCommerce support for online ordering and payment processing. There are strong business analytics tools with dashboards and KPIs for performance and operational monitoring. NetSuite Distribution supports several industry verticals including industry standards.

Its benefit for large businesses include its customization options that allow meeting unique business requirements, and scalability for adapting to business growth.

4. Tecsys Distribution Management

Tecsys is focused on supply chain management which includes a distribution management product. it supports forecasting and demand planning, logistics, and procurement and inventory management. Additional functionality includes procure to pay and order to cash processes for fulfillment and a business intelligence platform for detailed analytics and proactive performance monitoring.

Tecsys Distribution Management is available both as an on-premise and cloud-based solution. This software offers a good option for large businesses looking for specialized solutions that can address the entire supply chain cycle.

5. ADS Solutions Distribution

ADS Solutions Distribution is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution tailored to business requirements. It is focused only on the distribution sector and offers in depth support for eCommerce with online stores, an eCatalog and substantial payment processing options.

Its features include order processing and fulfillment, purchasing and inventory management, and planning and multi-level product pricing. There are also options for integrating financial management and CRM if required. ADS Solutions Distribution is customizable and can be scaled to business growth requirements as needed, which can be important factors for large busineses.