Top 5 Employee Performance Review Software


Motivated employees work harder and put in their best efforts. As an enterprise, you expect your employees to give their best to your business. So it will help to keep them motivated through performance appraisal.

However, you may find it arduous and challenging to schedule, execute, and document reviews, leaving you with piles of paper forms and records to review. With reliable employee performance review software, you can automate the process of regularly evaluating employees, thus saving time and energy required for the entire process.

1. UltiPro

The highly configurable employee performance review system, UltiPro enables you to assess performance, identify & reduce gaps, understand competencies, gather feedback on every single employee, and plan for future workforce needs.

The result can help you reward best performances and thus focus on talent retention and get better business results from motivated highly talented employees. Available as a software-as-a-service solution, the comprehensive talent management solution gives you complete visibility of each employee’s life cycle.

The all-inclusive package comes with on-boarding, talent acquisition, real-time reporting, payroll, time and attendance, and performance reviews capabilities.

Cons:  There is no free trial for new customers, so choosing the system gets little difficult.

2. BambooHR

An HR automation software solution, BambooHR is designed to help businesses standardize and streamline HR management process. The intuitive employee performance review solution enables seamless handling of your employee lifecycle aspects, so you can focus your attention toward core functions, without worrying about tracking employee performance and other crucial information, including salary, off days, contact details, and vacations, among others.

The user-friendly application provides each user with a custom dashboard, with crucial data, such as employee statistics. You can easily update employee information in one tab and track every single detail about them.

Cons: Some features need to be made more efficient so that they serve the exact purpose they have been designed for.

3. Halogen TalentSpace

The cloud-based employee assessment system, Halogen TalentSpace is designed with a focus on helping organizations build and maintain a strong workforce. A comprehensive suite of fully integrated applications, Halogen streamlines talent management operations, drive performance, and support optimal employee performance.

The award-winning intuitive application comes with a user-friendly dashboard and has an array of features for performance reviews, learning & compensation management, succession planning, and recruitment and job description management. It offers industry-specific solutions to address the unique requirements facing businesses.

Cons: The system could be made more flexible, and the administrative functionality should be little less complicated.

4. BirdDogHR

The web-based applicant tracking solution, BirdDogHR is designed with executive dashboards to help you locate top talent and track performance. The intuitive application features applicant tracking, performance review, performance appraisal, and recruiting management capabilities, among others.

With BirdDogHR, you can streamline business processes, better manage workforce, and train, improve employee skills. The software offers modules that track employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, and performance.

The highly configurable application works to centralize business processes and increase workforce productivity, while meeting compliance regulations. Its cloud-based suite allows you to track performance from anywhere around the globe and even from mobile devices.

Its performance review functionality helps automation of employee performance review.

Cons:  Constant product updates can create a few glitches. It could be confusing for new users.

5. HRToolBench

An easy-to-use talent management solution, HRToolBench comes with performance management, candidate selection, and feedback on employee performance capabilities. Designed with a goal to align employee development with business strategy, HRToolBench focuses on helping employees improve skills so that they become strategic assets for the organization.

It is easy to integrate with third party HR & payroll tools. The detailed workforce analytics helps measure employee performance and productivity and identify competency gaps. Its performance management module helps managers assign personal performance goals to each employee, so they can easily evaluate and assess their performance and identify top performers.

Cons: It is available only as a cloud-based application, with no on-premises option.

Are you looking for the right employee performance review software for your organization? You have reached the right place. ITQlick can help solve your problem by making top software recommendations that perfectly fit your business needs and can help meet your key objectives while keeping employee morale up.